Carte Blanche or do as I please….

”Complete freedom to do whatever” source

The day I talked about the blue agapanthus EC mentioned white ones – which reminded me there was a clump of white ones growing near the garage, right next to the dark pink double Oleander, which is near where I park my car.
I’m not sure if it’s because of the ’heavy’ days we’ve been having but this year the contrast in the colours has been quite striking. The composition of the flower heads is exactly the same yet there’s always something special about the white that definitely isn’t there in the blue

12 January 2022

Fast forward a couple of weeks and this is how they looked. Very tired and weary and bedraggled. The heat had certainly got to them. It was time to give them a haircut.

OK, so I was keeping that thought somewhere in my mind for an opportune moment, trying to remember if the green bin had enough room for more clippings (those seed heads are enormous) and looking round the deck wondering where all the stuff on the benches came from, when I thought I saw the blue handles of the clippers ….(that would be secateurs for posh people 😊) in one of the tubs over there.

The sun was shining….there was just a hint of a breeze….it’s a five minute job….’cept I was planning on doing something else. So I made an executive decision- I gave myself carte blanche to do as I wanted – which (as anyone who knows me) turned out to be an hours sit down with a cold drink and a new rather thick (600 pages) library book!


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  1. I do a lot of “sitting down” actually with me on the bed to give my “pegs a break” – so I do one little thing and then bingo I’m on the bed again. I don’t have decent outdoor furniture or a deck. And then when I’m ready I do some other “little something” – today laundry, book construction and a bit of reading

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  2. Oooooh. You have definitely reinforced my lust for white agapanthus.
    And a cold drink and a book sound pretty damn good to me – and much more enticing than the dusting which is on today’s to-do list…

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    1. EC place one plant next to something with a strong contrasting colour and you’ll be surprised at the effect.
      The trouble with dusting in our climate is that once it’s done you have to do it all again soon after 😊


    1. So I won’t be visiting you at this time of the year then Joanne. I can get brain freeze with really cold ice cream…a much better option😊


  3. I like blue strip planting of agapanthus but I think white looks better in clumps. White seems to suffer more from the sun.

    I hope it was vodka in your drink and not gin. You wouldn’t want the Golfer to come home and smell gin on your breath. Vodka is harder to detect and your daytime drinking habit will go unnoticed.


    1. Mmmm it’s a bit so-so Elizabeth. Unbelievable in parts…interesting in others – almost like a soap opera. It had good reviews so maybe I’m the ‘odd one out’ when it comes to best sellers

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  4. I think you chose the the correct path. It’s way to hot to be out there giving hair cuts to plants
    The did look magnificent before the heat


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