20 Replies to “Why should children have all the fun???”

  1. Pretty amazing popcorn. The popsicles are cute. I’ve had many patients who are thirsty and just love having a popsicle. We have to label the box with their name, or the nurses will eat them. (Best to bring a box labeled for the nurses…) Linda in Kansas

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    1. They’re called ‘icy poles’ down Linda. A long pole of ice just waiting to be enjoyed on a hot day. Yes definitely ideal for patient use if the sugar content is no issue


    1. Lol Diane the gatecrashers were the ones in charge….no children were hurt in this post, can’t say anything about the adults crowding the freezer to get to the icy poles though 😊


  2. That popcorn would certainly cheer up our frigid winter nights we are enduring right now. No ice pops, though. We have enough ice right now already.


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