A Blue Blue Day…

Things might be getting a bit hot and frizzled out there

Things are getting past their prime – the ‘look at me’ factor is not working anymore

People just pass by oblivious to the beauty that once was

But have no fear – the blues are back in town

Sometimes Faded, Never Jaded,

With the occasional leaf burnt to a crisp

Love ’em or Loathe em – you definitely can’t miss ’em

They are the sign of Summer in Melbourne

They are of course the Big Blue Blooms of Agapanthus


9 thoughts on “A Blue Blue Day…

  1. I love aggies. I know some consider them a noxious weed but they are everywhere around here – even in council plantings. A friend gave me some from her garden. We put them in a bed until we got around to digging their proper spot. They are still in that bed. She died suddenly in 2020 and every time I get out of the car I pat their beautiful blue heads and remember Andrea.


  2. Yes, I’ve found my own ‘look at me’ factor has waned, if not disappeared altogether.

    Aggies must bloom a little later in ‘dem ‘dere foothills. Around here they are pretty well finishing up now, although white seem to hold on a bit longer.

    The was a nice strip of them in the centre of Bay Street, Port Melbourne and council workers trimmed the leaves back and cut all the blooms off at their peak.


  3. I love agapanthus and have tried to get some to grow here. I thought they would thrive but Piraeus seems to be really too frizzled for them come the hottest driest part of summer.


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