Did you know

Just a few things that might interest you today

  • If you replace W with T in What, Where and When….…..you get the answer to each of them.
  • If you look at the word ’swims’ upside-down, it’s still …swims
  • 100 years ago just about everyone owned a horse and only the rich had cars……today just about everyone has a car and only the rich own horses.

Now here’s a little thought for you…..

  • It doesn’t matter how long that packet of jelly crystals you discovered lurking amongst some other boxes in the pantry has been there – the one you sort of knew was there but had never got round to using – the one with a very out of date ‘best before’ date
  • because ….seemingly a sealed bag of powdered gelatin and sugar has an indefinite shelf life. On the hot day I was looking for a cool dessert and decided to make it thinking ’in for a penny in for a pound’ it actually set!
    Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo to show you☹️

Generally, powdered gelatin, both unflavored and its derivates, comes with a best-by date. The date is there usually for legal reasons, not because the product will spoil or lose potency. So you can easily use dry gelatin for months or even years past that date. And if you scoured the Internet looking for the actual shelf life of dry gelatin, you would find quite a few places claiming it pretty much lasts forever:- source

Monday has arrived again…… we had a week of very hot, then very hot and humid days accompanied by thunderstorms and flash flooding over parts of the city and the state – but not in my suburb ☹️
Dry thirsty ground – dark stormy clouds – the rain fell….for 5 minutes…then went on its merry way elsewhere.


The BOM is telling us it looks like we’ll have another warm/hot week with possible rain – hopefully we’ll get a drop to drink this time.

I did manage to sort out one problem during those sticky ‘stay indoors with the cooling on’ days.
The blogger/blogspot commenting on my iPad (Safari) issue has been driving me bonkers – I fixed it early last year (or so I thought) only for it to reappear so had resorted to my phone. What a PITA situation!

Back to the all seeing all knowing Mr G (again) he who has the answers to all the things I don’t know or thought it would be interesting for me to know even if I hadn’t shown interest before😊
It seems ’cross site tracking’ was the culprit, the box has been unticked, and so far I haven’t been inundated with all sorts of nasties, have been able to leave comments here there and everywhere (when I’ve had time) and also appear to have fixed the clickable link problem as well.

~ ~ ~ ~

Gosh I’m ready for another cup of tea, all that talk has made me…to quote a very old friend (as in age and friendship) ‘dry as a pommies bath mat’. not doing too well at the cricket are they😎.

How was your week – Wet Dry Sunny Cloudy Warm Cold ?

Did you fix any long standing problems?

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21 thoughts on “Did you know

  1. Well done on fixing the commenting issues – which are the bane of my blogging life.
    I did know some at least of your did you know facts – but avoid gelatine when I can.
    It has been warm, hot, less hot, warm, grey, cloudy and damp here. With some definite wet periods. More of the same is forecast.


  2. I loved this whole blog post but found particularly wry the observation about cars and horses. Now i know the very old sheet gelatine in the cupboard is still ok to use I’ll go ahead and think of something to use it up on.


  3. I did the same with some sunflower seeds. They were past their use by date thought I’d give it a go. They worked. Not loving our weather lately at all


  4. Hi Cathy I loved your Did you Know section and found it really interesting. You should make it a regular thing! Tech issues can be painful so glad you have them all sorted. Up here on the GC the weather has been very windy and showery. My daughter and her family are heading down to Currumbin for 5 nights and yesterday we saw sunshine for the first time in over a week so that is a good omen. Have a lovely week. #lifethisweek

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    1. Glad you enjoyed the fun facts post – sometimes life gets a bit heavy so we need a bit of a lift and a few smiles to lighten things up.

      I see Qld is in for possibly another ‘event’ Sue, never rains but it pours eh? Hopefully you don’t get too wet!

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      1. Hi Cathy, I agree we need to brighten things up especially if we can’t do much about a situation like COVID. The weather this week has been fine but yes I noticed there was another weather event lurking in the North so will probably see how that develops. Enjoy your week. x


  5. The vacuum cleaner history is interesting.
    I think there is a single and plural thing with the word cappuccino and cappuccini.
    I haven’t heard the bathmat line before. Very good.


  6. There has no rain on the other side of the ditch, although daily the weather page says “isolated” rain but not in my suburb. Mostly indoors with aircon on, anytime I’ve been out in the yard, I’m fast back indoors.

    I wish I could just go out and about but health and life against me for now. I’m working on a plan to fix my long standing problem, got the green light from my lovely Muntsa to work on it properly…

    As for the facts, always something entertaining to find online!

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    1. Your plan is coming along nicely Catherine- yes some ups and downs but from what I read taking it slowly and eliminating a bit here and there seems to be having the right effect.
      It’s a feast or a famine at the moment where rain is concerned over here – some states have far too much others not enough then there’s the bushfires going gangbusters in another state. Sunburnt country indeed!

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  7. I really enjoyed all these fun facts Cathy and didn’t know many of them at all! We’ve had lots of storms lately but today has been lovely and just what summer should be. #lifethisweek

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    1. Those warm but not sticky humid yuck days are such a delight Debbie. Days for being outside enjoying life. Melbourne is unpredictable so we just have to accept what comes along 😊

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  8. I looked at my weather service, and it promises you a lot of rain Thursday night and a dripping Tuesday. And yes the Danish BoM which is called DMI (and I use it via Bedre Vejr (meaning Better Weather) You might see what I saw by clicking the link) actually can call up weather for everywhere all over the world, and even tells me that it’s now Monday evening in Melbourne 😉
    I like your fun facts and most of them are new to me – I’ll remember. I can add that gelatine is actually very healthy 😉 reneving the soft bone matter in your body, strengthening your joints and so on, so you can enjoy a (relatively) healthy snack 🙂

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    1. No rain here yesterday Charlotte and yes a fair drop is forecast for tomorrow. It’s great when we can have the world at our fingertips isn’t it. Shame we can’t solve its problems with our fingertips isn’t it.


  9. Really fun to read your facts and then the weather..oh my, the weather. We have had humidity constantly, and we thank the air con gods for their being. So far so good covid wise here, but a virus that’s been hanging around me to far too long is zapping my energy. Fingers crossed it will move along! Thank you for sharing your post with us for Life This Week Link Up at Denyse Whelan Blogs. I hope to see you back next Monday. Denyse.


  10. I did not know a lot of those things Cathy – how fascinating.

    As for the weather – we had a sudden downpour last week which caused flooding in our neighbouring town. And the road from my town to there got cut off. Which was okay except it meant that our supermarket shelves have been extra empty for a few days.


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