All change….

Was it only the beginning of last month when I mentioned my craft group’s ’beanie drive’…..gosh it seems much longer than that. After all my hoo-ha about not enjoying knitting them, once started I actually discovered (like with a lot of other things) they weren’t so bad after all

Thinking the initial stripy two didn’t look too bad, 4 more made an appearance

Original two

Then it dawned on me…(lightbulb moment)…adjusting a stitch here and there I could come up with a way to use up lots of those scrappy left over tiny balls of wool in a far more decorative way

Simple 1x 1 fair isle….. I stitch main colour – 1 stitch contrast

Six on the table…..That’s enough for the time being I thought.

Trouble was during days when I wasn’t able to do much physically I kept seeing main colours and contrast which meant the needles kept on clicking. These below are what I finished off on Wednesday….

Job definitely done I thought!

Guess what was in an email from ’our leader’ yesterday morning

This photo….and the desire for us to make one of these (or similar) in time for the Christmas in July function! Adult size – Any shade of green – Any design…she said.

Source – Unknown

There’s an awful lot more stitches in an adult size compared to a toddler size……..hopefully I’ll have at least one done in time 😊

Shamrock green anyone??

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  1. I love those beanies you made. The color combinations are wonderful. I haven’t a clue how you make them, but you sure did a good job of mixing the colors.


  2. Maybe there’s more stitches to a grown up beanie, but you have stitched way more in one day with all those toddler ones. And the easy parts are bigger on a grow up one 😉 You’ll make it! and I’m awed at your stitching.


  3. I love your colourful hats, they do get addictive. What a great idea to make hats into a tree, with colourful pompoms for baubles. You could do scarves for tinsel!!


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