On the last day of last year…

I sat down to contemplate the last of what had been and the first of what was to come

P.D.James’ last novel in the Adam Dalgleish series ‘The Private Detective’ was my last read for the year and even though I didn’t plan it that way, the first book in the same series ‘Cover Her Face’ was one of my first reads for the year 😊

My first read for this year will be the last book I picked up from the library ….. ‘Daughter of The Hunter Valley’ by a new to me Australian author Paula J Beaven – her debut novel, historical fiction (a genre I enjoy) inspired by her connection to early settlers in the Hunter Valley

~ ~ ~ ~

And that’s as far as I got with this a couple of days ago.

The last day of last year turned into another very hot one – too hot even to enjoy reading in the shade of the trees beside the deck so indoors we came. Last drinks of the night were well before the witching hour and if fireworks were let off locally we certainly didn’t hear them 😊

The first days of the New Year have arrived!

And with them those ‘will I/won’t I……shall I/shan’t I’ thoughts
Those yearly thoughts about…..resolutions- goals – intentions- aims – pledges
That have on occasion been known to invade some people’s minds
Mine included!

I have none of those or even A Word of the Year selected for this coming year
When I have chosen one I find I’ve lost track of it not long after 😊
At the moment I’m hoping the encouraging phrases below will continue to guide me

Bye for now……Take care…..Cathy xx

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20 thoughts on “On the last day of last year…

  1. I signed up on audible during the pandemic and I love it
    I can still do my housework and craft while listening.
    I just finished one called silent sisters.
    No resolutions no plans I’m just going to take each day as it comes and
    Do the best I can


    1. Unfortunately Angela audio books and me don’t get on…..I forget what’s been said two minutes after I heard it! If that happens with a book I can just flip back a few pages to refresh my memory. Each to their own definitely.


  2. I always make resolutions for the new year, but never promise that they will happen on 01/01. Manana.


  3. Now those are the sort of resolutions that everyone should make – world would be a better place for everyone if more of us were simply happy with our lot AND SHOWED IT. Have a safe, warm, well fed, companionable year – and if it turns out of be a great year for any reason know that we wished that on you as well. xxx Mr T and F


    1. I wonder if many in blogland who ‘are’ happy and content with their lot are afraid to show it for fear of being ‘disowned’ (read that as ignored/unread) These past few years have been so traumatic for a great deal of the population some seem to be a little bit ‘jealous’ of others good fortune.


  4. Happy New Year Cathy and the Golfer – may this year be a reawakening of more positive vibes for everyone – my resolution is more like a plan – and it’s still early days but feeling positive


  5. The thought of you sitting outside in the shade reading a book is very relaxing!! We had a very warm Christmas and New Year but now we’re back to 5 degrees C. 😦 I hope to read more this year, both e-books (I have a lot of books on my iPad, bought in the Apple Books app) and “real” books in paper. Your guiding phrases for the year sound very good and inspiring!


    1. For some reason I’m not a lover of e-books Susanne…..like audio books I find it too difficult to retrace my steps to ‘reread’ if I’ve ‘lost the plot’. It’s been a bit warm today so any reading has been done inside. Thanks for dropping in from Life this Week


  6. Happy New Year. All those phrases sound just fine though think, then talk is sometimes darn hard. Those words just tumble out all by themselves . And enjoy every moment? Sounds good but we are all human. Just enjoy life as much as you can. Keep cool in summer and warm in winter and knit on!!


  7. Finally a southern hemisphere friend I can ask a dumb question of. What months correspond to what seasons for you? I missed that lesson in school, not caring at the time!


    1. Well it’s like this Elizabeth….there are ‘official’ dates for the seasons….but it often doesn’t happen that way.

      Spring = September 1, Summer = December 1, Autumn = March 1, Winter = June 1.

      Winter hung around a lot longer last year, Spring hardly put in an appearance and here we are whole week into January and Summer has just arrived 😊

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  8. Happy New Year…blah blah..sorry! It’s only because we are, as you are very well aware, stuck in this period of Covid..living with it, wondering if we have it…and then getting sick to death of the news. Now, where was I? I am now doing the majority of my reading via Audible and in the car. I love being able to drive myself around anyway and accompanied by a book of interest helps make it even better. Thank you for linking up for the first Life This Week in 2022 at Denyse Whelan Blogs.
    Thank you too for sharing your post with our community and commenting on mine.
    See you next week for 2/51 Life This Week,
    Warm wishes


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