Food on a Friday….Do or Die Day

A review of the contents of the veg drawer in the fridge on a cool day last week showed half a butternut pumpkin and a couple of carrots that wouldn’t pass the cut on a dinner plate so it was do (in another form) or die day for them. The doing I had in mind was an old favourite – a one pot ’bubble away quietly in the corner and cook by yourself casseroley thing’ we call Pumpkin Potato Lentil Hotpot

After a bit of rummaging in the spice and pulses dept I discovered that all the ingredients (or substitutes) for the meatless meal were actually in house.  So there was no running up the street to the supermarket at the last minute – what you’ve never done that before??

I don’t think it matters if I use liquid oil and not a spray, my veg stock comes as powder not cubes, my garlic is from a jar not fresh, green lentils joined the red ones to make up the numbers and that due to a lack of green beans, carrots were added instead 😊

My Hotpot

However I’m at a loss wondering why, when (for once) I actually used (nearly) all the tabled ingredients (weighed and measured properly as well) my hotpot has a ‘redder’ look than the one in the book.  Maybe the tomatoes in my tin were riper than hers lol

I possibly could have chopped the veg a bit smaller – it had a rather rustic look on the plate so I added some crusty rolls on the side to mop up the sauce; and the taste according to The Golfer when he put his spoon and fork down and laid his hands on his rather full belly was “Not Bad, Not Bad at all’ …..reinforcing my idea that real men will eat anything that’s put in front of them when they’re hungry 😊

(I used the stove top….but know from experience once all ingredients are combined it cooks just as well in a crockpot/slow cooker)

10 thoughts on “Food on a Friday….Do or Die Day

  1. Sounds perfectly delicious thanks to a skillful and talented cook!! Spit on yourself 3 times 😅


  2. I can relate to the last minute dash to the supermarket. Fortunately ours is only a km away as we have been known to have to go a couple of times mid cook!
    Your hot pot looks yummy. High praise from the golfer, indeed.


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