Made to last……

Going through old photos (again) ….aka reliving previous travels…..

September 2004 – a great trip to Canada….

east coast for extended family time – west coast for pleasure, which included time in Calgary, a drive up to Banff for afternoon tea at The Chateau along with the obligatory photo on the terrace in front of Lake Louise.

December 2021 – retrieved from the wardrobe, in working order and used occasionally

all I need are blue jeans (in the wash) and a green screen projecting a photo of the lake and I could travel without the hassle 😊

Some things are just made to last!

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  1. I haven’t left the country since arriving here in 1971. I have no desire to either but love seeing others’ travel pics. If I was going to travel Canada and NZ are the only places I really would like to visit.


  2. I too haven’t been travelling away to anywhere from NZ for many a year! I seek other people’s travels via a blog, a utube or similar avenue….sometimes those people go to places I’ve been to especially if it was the 1960s! Of course many of said utubers weren’t even born then!


  3. Lake Louise is a wonderful place but it so alarming how much the glacier feeding the lake has retreated since a photo was taken in 1920. I am very sure I don’t still have clothes from 2004.


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