Things that have had to be thought about…

Being ‘fully covered’ sooner or late

Q:- Accept a Covid booster offered for two days before Christmas or wait until the middle of January.

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Health and Safety on Scorching hot Summer days or Soaking wet Winter days…which we’ve had both sorts of recently

Q:- Do I use the little supermarket – closer to home – less stock – strange staff has level undercover parking. Or use the larger one – further from home – far greater stock choice – great friendly helpful staff BUT has open air parking on a slight slope.

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Continuing to meet with like minded others

Q:- Would I be in favour of the amalgamation of my Probus club with another nearby one.
Both have a diminishing membership – both are finding it difficult to attract new members – one is just ladies only….. the other combined (m/f) – one meets in a small hall which must be ’set up’ and ’put away’ by members in line with covid safety precautions….the other in a nearby club where they just walk in to a comfortable prepared room, have their meeting, then walk out again. No risk, no responsibility.

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Taking part in and enjoying the Christmas spirit in a major or minor way

Q:- Do I ‘decorate’ now (very early) or leave until our usual traditional Christmas Eve time. Do I put up just one small tree or both little/large trees or just place special bits and pieces around the house.

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  • January will be the jab day….if I have a reaction I certainly don’t want to be running around looking for medical services on public holidays.
  • Which supermarket I use (same chain/same prices) is an ongoing dilemma ….it usually depends on the weather, what I need and how nimble on my feet I’m feeling
  • I’m definitely in favour but wonder if we’ll lose the atmosphere and feel of the lively discussions that are part of our all female club
  • Today is the 10th of December and I still haven’t decided – it’ll either be go go go from tomorrow or slow slow slow until the 24th 😊

12 thoughts on “Things that have had to be thought about…

    1. There’s just feelers about the possibility of it happening going out at the moment so we’ll have some meetings to look forward to….


  1. I am not a ‘joiner’ but would also stick with the all female group. I think. I hear you on choosing the supermarket on the day though. I do a bit of that too. And am due for my jab in early January. One of my brothers has had his. He had no reaction to AstraZ, but a shocker to his booster.

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    1. I’d like to get this booster over and done with but hearing so many mention worse side effects than with the original 2 dose course I’m wary of having it done. Accepting it has to though.


    1. Yes Andrew that was one concern raised especially amongst some of the founding life members – nothing (if anything) will happen until mid way during next year so there’ll be lots of discussion early next year.


  2. Female for as long as you can. Men change the dynamic – not always bad but definitely different. Supermarket – I go close but hubby goes undercover. Feb before I can be boosted, I think. Christmas ain’t happening here!

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    1. That’s how it will be a good few months Caroline, until an actual vote is taken. Then legalities have to be arranged so if it goes through I don’t think the amalgamation will formally happen until later next year. It could be a testing time for some members I’m sure and yes we’ll have to watch out for some of the males who might think ‘flexing their muscles’ is the way to go 😊


  3. I too would stick with all women. As for decorating, I am still up in the air and have done nothing yet. However we are having people over Saturday night so I may get into action before then.

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  4. I had three Pfizer vaccines, son 3 Astra V’s , both OK on First two, boosters left us both lethargic for a couple of days. As to your club, I’d choose the one that has the younger members, you need to keep meeting younger people. Sad to say if everyone is old eventually no-one is left. Have to keep meeting new people, as well as old friends. I prefer small supermarkets, Big ones drive me crazy as I can’t find stuff and I spend more.


  5. Those everyday dilemmas. Like which way I will turn out if the gate today when I go for a walk, whether I too will go to the grocer or the big supermarket. My decisions are always last minute ones. Makes life exciting 😁


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