The heat is on….

We all have our likes and dislikes don’t we?
Things we will do willingly – others we baulk at.

Any time I was asked to provide something for a cake stall I’d offer a cash donation instead or put myself down for double time manning the stall.
Cake or scone making were not my idea of good fun.

Same with knitting donations.
I’ll willingly knit all sorts of items for my chosen charities…..except for one.

Guess what item my group decided on for their latest winter drive?
The one item on my ’really do not enjoy making’ list 😊

2 down – ????more to go!

So as strange as it might seem here on the first day of Summer, the heat is on for each of us to make as many of these (in different sizes) as we can by the time we meet again mid February

Which will go a long way to making sure the stock cupboard will be full at the start of the cold weather next May.

What I’ve got against them is a mystery, because the toddler size is so easy to knit – and so adaptable as well. They don’t have to have stripes – they could be completely plain if you want and it doesn’t have to be a single rib band… 2×2 could work just as well.

Are there things you’ll do but not enjoy…..things you do, not because you have to or want to….things you do while muttering under your breath the whole time….and then wonder what all the fuss was about when you finish?

And if you’d like to find out a little more of what other people have been up to – you really must visit…..  Unraveled Wednesday  hosted by Kat…….As Kat Knits.  

There’s lots of knitting of a far higher standard than my Nana Knits there plus reading as well. I wrote about my recent readings the other day – which you’ll find HERE.

7 Replies to “The heat is on….”

    1. Thinking of you EC over the coming month. I’m not a fan of ‘small talk’ do’s either EC. Get there, get it over with, then get home is how I go about it.


  1. Snap. I don’t mind knitting hats to patterns that intrigue me; quick fixes in a way and a little stash to give as gifts can be useful at this time of year in northern parts BUT my place of employment supports Stella Maris and Missions to Seafarers and this year (as part of a knitting club started at work to try and help any folk who want it to fill their lockdown time with something creative and calming) we have been invited to knit hats for seafarers. The standard pattern is 2×2 rib. As a fairly experienced knitter I thought I’d better contribute.
    Is it the knit on demand component, or the fact I don’t choose the pattern, or what? I’ve not been enjoying these hats either. (It might be the Aran weight; I’m not keen on thick wool knitting.) I’m going to go off piste and knit chullos from my 4ply remnants.


    1. Oh Mr T, tell F that’s not fair – can you just hear the (goodnatured?)ribbing in the ward room when those big beefy mariners start sporting fairisle caps with ear flaps and ties???


  2. I use the same basic pattern for my hats . Or used to. I don’t make hats anymore. Waste of time here. Not many people wear them though there are a couple of months which are slightly more than chilly.
    Last December I crocheted a few Xmas elves hats. I prefer crochet now. Faster and no stitches to lose 😊
    I don’t like ‘having’ to knit something. Too much pressure . I like my odd attempts and curious mistakes


    1. Nor do I but it’s a group thingy so I will make a effort to do some more and then go back to my little cardies that I do enjoy making. I attempted crochet – not very well – my left hand couldn’t control the wool, so I tried to learn ‘left handed’(hook in left/wool in right) no luck there either.


  3. I don’t mind making the hats as long as I don’t have to do many colour changes
    We knitted for a charity up in the NT and they had to be either the colour of the aboriginal flag or Forrest straight islander colours.
    Too many colour changes for me. So I only made a few with what I had


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