How come….

Note arrived from brother accompanied by this ’photo’

How come If mum was Irish and we never lived in Yorkshire, she put this on the tea table?

Actually she added sliced tomatoes as well but I’ve no idea why she put onions, cucumber and tomato into a marinade of vinegar then served it along with cold cuts.

All I know is I disliked it then and still do……like my salads clean – naked – no dressing at all.

Vinegar goes on Fish and Chips 😊

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Is it truly a Yorkshire dish?

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  1. I’m from Yorkshire, but I’ve never had onions and cucumber or tomatoes in vinegar before, nor have I heard of it, BUT we do put sliced raw onion in vinegar and either put it in a cheese sandich or have it seperately, Delicious.


  2. Many years ago when at times I had to cook for myself, I would make such a salad. I thought I was just too lazy to cut up lettuce, but maybe not. No connection to Yorkshire here.


  3. I’ve never heard of it but then I’m Australian for generations back. It sounds like a very basic version of a relish and I’m a fan of relish


  4. My mother was born and raised in NZ and we often ate, in the summer, a plate of tomatoes, cucmber and onion in vinegar. I loved them, still do. I love anything with vinegar. Salads need dressings so that I can eat them. A vinegrette rather than mayo.


  5. Never been served it in Yorkshire , amd I have spent 2/3rds of my life there. Piccalilli with cold meat maybe, which is disgusting. Or wensleydale cheese with fruit cake.


  6. I always drench sliced onion, tomato and cucumber in vinegar! I always drench sliced tomato and onion in vinegar! Love it!!! I love vinegar.


    1. PS. I hate Mayo…and never use it…never have, even when I was cooking professionally. I wouldn’t touch it with a 20 foot pole! Yuck!


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