Did we ever find the answer??

I’m not sure what the question was or even if there was an answer

These turned up in a box out in the garage

I remember them as interesting reads at a time when I needed a bit of encouragement

Thinking back, I wasn’t a sheep, following along with everyone else, but strangely was ambitious yet didn’t want to be ’the big boss’ – what I was really interested in was what ’the big boss’ thought and how they might have gone about things.

At that time the words ’self improvement’ never entered my mind – what these books (and more) gave me (because they were always being mentioned in the staff room) was a small insight into how and why some of my colleagues and ’superiors’ thought (and acted) in those days.

I’m still cross we lent the ever popular Think and Grow Rich to a ’friend’ never to see it again yet still remember Hill’s first principle of success being Desire.

Anyway that was a long time ago now and guess what……Of all the advice I gleaned at the time …Dress Well and Be Nice …is what I remember the most 😊

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I had a week off from the blog, not writing or reading or answering comments……because ’The Back’ ‘flared up’ and has been a problem again I’ve been indulging in a self pity party – not wanting to talk to anyone, feeling angry (it’s not fair!) knowing tears don’t solve anything yet wallowing in misery. Which has got to stop!

I feel another quiet week coming up I think. A warm sunny one I hope
It’ll soon be breakfast time – time for another cup of tea…..will it be cereal, toast and marmalade this morning or porridge with cinnamon sugar and a handful of sultanas?
Then afterwards maybe I’ll dip into those books again and refresh my memory on how to Think Big – Win Friends – Look Good – Read Body Language – and Communicate Well With Everyone 😊

Curious to know if anyone else read these or any similar books and did you find them useful at the time? As some of them are still in print people must think the ideas haven’t dated and are still be relevant to life in the 21st century.

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  1. The Dale Carnegie book is interesting, my Mom garnered one key concept from him, to worry about the things you can do something about and forget the rest. Yes, the key to success is desire – but if I were the king of the world there would be no kings in the world. You see my problem with success.

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  2. I am so sorry your back has been acting up. It sounds like you were more than entitled to have a paddle in the pity pool.
    I haven’t read them, but was/am always interested in why people (and particularly those with power) behave they way they do.
    Love Maggie’s comment about kings. Me too. Nor queens for empresses either.


  3. I’m pretty sure I have “Think and grow Rich”
    My husband would do or buy anything if he thought there was a buck involved.

    The rest were popular, I think when I was a high schooler. There are always some jewels in books like these, even if the style dates a little.

    I hope your back is soon better, the worst pain in the world is back pain


  4. I’ve read quite a few of those type of books – in varying decades of my life – now I’m not sure I want to delve into that type of thing again…


  5. Nothing worse than a bad back. It makes me feel so old, but I can’t help saying to my physiotherapist, I have my good days and bad days.If I am not too bad, I might put on an old person’s old and shaky voice.

    I don’t read books like those. Didn’t you anyway learn about dressing well and being nice from your parents?


  6. Oh I have been there, done that!! I had loads of ‘self improvment’ books. Most have been tossed and were tossed immediately. I remember being excited to read ‘the Secret’. What a waste of time. Some secret. If you’ve got the dynamics you get what you desire without faffing about. You want, you go, you get. If you’re like me then chanting positive whatsits and imagining impossible scenarios isn’t going to cut it.
    How to make millions? Write a self help book.
    Hope you’re feeling better by now


  7. Every time I see the title “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, I remember my mother telling me the book was part of her work environment. Her employers, her bosses, where she worked before she had my older brother and me guided their staff…taught them how to deal with customers by using the wisdom of Dale Carnegie’s book…and that was back in the late 30s to early 40s.


  8. First of all, thanks so much for following White Hair Grace! Reading some of your blog, I knew I needed to follow you, too. As for wisdom…I think that Joseph Campbell’s famous words became my guiding light: “Follow your bliss. And the universe will open doors where there were only walls.” At least that’s what I did, and at 80 I can see that it’s turned out to be true.


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