Not in my house…..

Yes, it’s Monday!

For years Monday was always referred to as Wash Day……that gave it the rest of the week to get it dry and ironed before Sunday. But did you know that for a long time wash day (known as the great/grand wash only came round
maybe every three to six months.

If like me you’re a fan of everything old and interesting have a look at this site – lots of quirky facts there about what is described as domestic paraphernalia….. fabulous info about things from around the house. Want to know about washing machines pre 1800…look no further than here. Tablecloths in the middle ages, mangles, history of pressure cooker….it’s all there.

Unlike a lot of my friends (even in these days of ’automatic washing machines’) Wash Day in my house has never been on a set day. Two adults + five children = a lot of people = an awful lot of clothes to be laundered ….so when there was a load out came the washing machine. My granny would have turned in her grave if she’d have known I washed on a Sunday but it did happen… and again.

I wonder if I’m the only one who loves the sight of a line full of laundry blowing in the wind? There’s a soft gentle comfortable look about it..….yes, even if it’s a line full of mens shirts, jocks and socks
Which is really strange because I’m the least domesticated person you’d ever come across – I’m sure there are many like me who would much rather sit with a book than do housework. There was more play with the children than housework when they were little as well.

After having so many rainy days where everything had to be dried on the back deck, it was good to get some dry sunny days with a bit of a breeze so I was able to launder a woollen blanket, hang it on the big line and know It wouldn’t need all week to dry

What is a constant in my day (each and every day) however is an early cup of tea 🫖☕️

Putting the kettle on in the daylight is still a novelty – I can see how the day is beginning but have to go by the BOM forecast for how it may end. If the one from early evening yesterday is anything to go by it’ll be a case of close the window overnight …….or put the blanket back on the bed!

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11 thoughts on “Not in my house…..

  1. Like you I also love a line full of washing – and think that line dried clothes smell much better than those that go into the dryer.
    I am a woeful housekeeper and would much rather read or garden…
    And yes our weather has been variable – and certainly not suitable to line dry anything heavy.


  2. In my teens I lived with my grandmother for about a year. The only stern words ever from her were, “I don’t know why you need to do your washing on a Sunday”.


  3. Oh yes. Wash day was anyday we had a load
    I dry on the line in summer. In winter it’s under the back veranda
    And on clothes horses inside near the fire
    There is nothing like fresh sun dried sheets on the bed. Bliss


  4. I love hanging out clean clothes. Bringing them in and having a pile of ironing is not so much fun. I don’t iron much but some things just have to be done.
    When I first arrived in Greece you wouldn’t dare wash on a Sunday or a saints Day. the older generation still stick to that but if you gotta wash you gotta wash. I forget which day it is anyway


  5. I wash according to what the weather looks like it might be – I now like to get everything ready the night before, and put it on when I take “potion #1” and then before I actually rise properly, I can get it on the outdoor line or if I’ve not many of certain things on my high drying portable rack at my front door, so I can supervise it. Plus I’ve many nails on my back porch for other things that I attach to wire coat hangers…

    What I find very entertaining that in the 5 years I lived here, the 3 different lots of tenants (2 families, one bachelor) do NOT appear to have bed linen. Yes, they all have towels but not seen ever one piece of bedding be it the sheets or a duvet or blankets!

    Their clothes line is not like mine and I have a full view of their washing from my front door…and unless it’s wet weather, they’ve hang everything outdoors!


  6. Washing happens when the sun is shining – and somtimes on rainy days as well, hoping for sunshine. Hooray for sunshine and clothes lines with clothes on them. We’re now turning into rainy, dreary days where nothing ever dries and even the tea towels take a week to dry. We do not own a dryer. But the smell of line drioed clothes and bed things beats everything in my opinion.


  7. I hang things outside whenever possible, not only do they smell nicer they feel nicer too, well not towels. Anyway a bit more trivial for you- wash day was always on a Monday because the factories didn’t work on Sunday’s therefore on Monday less soot and smoke in the air. My Mum always washed on Mondays. Like you I washed all the time, three boys= Mud.


  8. I love old things, thanks for sharing! And I’m having a hard time with housework too. It’s not really that I don’t like doing it, it’s more the getting started bit. My husband isn’t the tidy type and it gets messy quite soon here which really kills my motivation.


  9. We tend to wash towels and sheets on the day of changing but through the week, see how it goes. I admit we now have very high-tech Bosch appliances that behave very well. I still enjoy putting clothes on the line if the day is suitable. When I was first married our first washing machine was one where you put the clothes through a manual wringer. I remember as a kid, the smell of the copper and water getting soapy and hot for my grandmother to wash. Thank you so much for linking up your blog post for Life This Week. I hope to see you next week, for the last of my Taking Stock posts. Do join in, with a post on or off prompt. Denyse.


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