Walking in sunshine…

Sunny not too hot days are just right for a wander round the local park, especially for my first one since getting home from Queensland.

(Photos will enlarge with a tap/click or using two finger spread)

Going in past the decorated toilet block…not too far from the playground. A load off parent’s mind not having to trail far when little ones say all of a sudden ’I need to go Mum’

Round to the fenced part of the ’lake’ where I ’met’ this lovely lady. “She’s a rescue and quite timid” ”She has a name but it doesn’t suit her so I’m thinking about another one” “Yes you can take her photo but don’t come too close”

So I stood at the railings and watched a little unnamed duck turning circles looking for something to eat before I took a couple of quick photos of the dog

But where to from there I wondered
Along the sunny straight but not narrow or along to the right and up the windy hill?

Right it was, because I knew as I walked past the wetland area I’d get a view of the hills with the TV masts sitting there on the top. There they are, in front of the clouds

And if you look really carefully you’ll see the (hopefully I’ve identified it correctly) Heron making its way past the pale green grasses near the shoreline. Then I lost sight of it (or thought I had) The bridge in the background is in honour of the person the ‘park’ is named after.

See the Purple Swamp Hens who’d come up out of the water and were entertaining me with their antics – it looked like there was a bit of ’Chase me Charlie’ ‘Hows your Father’ going on….possibly was….I’m not actually au fait with the mating habits of water birds. 😊

Anyway they didn’t seem bothered by me standing there and came right up the bank….and that’s when I saw it.

There it was – the one I thought I’d lost. The Heron
it was hiding out in the shade of that scraggly gum tree. Look how tall and elegant it is when on the lookout

And it was about that time when I knew I had to find somewhere to sit down. Sometimes the back plays up meaning my legs tingle and go numb……and because of the vagaries of the condition (spinal stenosis) sitting takes the pressure off the nerves and after a while I’m good to go. Luckily I knew just the place!

A short way on and a turn to the right brings me to the ’old trees’ ……visible in the photo showing the hills (pruned back but left standing for birds to use). Plus a very conveniently placed bench right near the bridge – short sit down, cross over the bridge and I’m there where I began near the car park. A slightly shorter walk than usual – better that than nothing I say!

This week I’m joining Elephant’s Child and others at Sunday Selections

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15 Replies to “Walking in sunshine…”

    1. This was actually from a couple of weeks ago EC…we’ve had our fair share of wet watery weather recently – though it was warm and dry Saturday…enough to get some winter bedding dry outside


  1. Watching wading birds is so interesting. Good photos in bright sunshine. I know exactly how sitting down for a few minutes can relieve spinal pain.

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    1. Surprisingly the bird life is down for some reason – those were the only ones I saw.
      My back had been behaving quite well so I was annoyed it decided to play up – it’s a real pain trying to find somewhere to sit – squatting is not an option when I’m out😊


  2. Cathy, thanks for sharing your walk in the sun. These last 2 days nice and sunny here, today (Sunday) even brighter – to a point have switched heat to cool air-con this evening… Catherine (NZ)

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    1. The weather this spring has been so very changeable….and there’s a whisper (or a BOM alert) that La Niña is returning. Another cool wet summer is not what I was hoping for.


    1. Yes, had to come home sometime Sue. It’s hard being torn between two places but it’s a bit warm up in Bowen. At my age constant warmth I don’t mind- day after day humid I do.
      I agree with you about the uplifting and calming effect of outdoor activities – I arrive home on top of the world.


    1. I’m lucky to have this reserve almost on my doorstep Jennifer. There’s something for everyone there and I think the locals would be up in arms if any drastic changes were made to it.


    1. Such is life when Spinal Stenosis is diagnosed Lydia. If you look it up on the net you’ll discover lots of other symptoms as well – not ‘life threatening’, just painful, not curable but ‘managed’


  3. How lovely that walk was for me too, Cathy. Green in nature is so incredible and all the calming and uplifting properties are good for our health. My husband has spinal stenosis. In fact a very ‘compromised’ spine as he says. He’s had a couple of major surgeries 42 & 22 years ago. Take care of you, which is what you are doing…
    It’s always good to see your blog in the link up for Life This Week! Thank you so much for being a part of this community. Next week I am announcing my plans for 2022 on Denyse Whelan Blogs. See you then too, I hope. Denyse.


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