No comment…..

The different blogging platforms are not playing nicely with each other.

For quite a while now I’ve not had comments go through on several blogs I read

Some days I can – some days I can’t

And it’s not always the same blogs

Just saying that If you haven’t heard from me for a whIle – that’s the reason why

8 Replies to “No comment…..”

  1. Blogging platforms are NOT nice for the time being. For me it’s nothing to do with the ongoing Blogger vs. WP war, just sometimes things disappear upon clicking Publish on both platforms 😦 I hope they improve!


  2. There are days when my blogger to blogger comments disappear so Charlotte might be right. There seems to be constant tinkering going on in the background and all sorts of weirdnesses happen but only to random bloggers on that system. We know you are still alive and thinking by reading your posts. That’s what counts.


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