If it affects you….

For some it would appear that they will do something they were loathe to do if it affects them

Our state government has mandated covid vaccination is necessary for various trades and occupations. ‘No jab – No job’

This has caused strife amongst the ranks, protests galore and even workers leaving their long held positions on principle.

There is one person in the group The Golfer plays with who wasn’t interested in the Covid vaccination. For months the others kept on at him about it but he kept saying ’I’ll take my chances.’

When restrIctions began to ease he could play, in fact up untIl quite recently he was still able to play – then the rules changed statewide. For many activities it’s now a case of ’vaccinated you’re welcome – unvaccinated you’re not’

Anyway when The Golfer’s friend discovered he wouldn’t be able to play unless he was vaccinated he suddenly changed his mind…..he booked and had his first dose a week ago. Friday was the last time he was allowed on the course, now nobody is even allowed through the gate into the grounds unless they are fully vaccinated (or show exemption)

He’s not happy at how long he has to wait for his second dose……

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  1. My partner held out for quite a while (waiting to have access to his preferred vaccine). He has now had his first jab, and will have the second later this month.
    I am appalled at what a strong driver self interest is. Appalled but not surprised.


  2. Tee-hee. Mr B has a daughter who similarly refused without providing sny cogent reason. Her disters have been badgering her for months and she had only become increasingly obdtinate about it. We offered to fly her and her daughter out to Greece at Christmas time and she has discovered she can’t get her vaccinations and the extra 14 days into the time between now and xmas…..and is devastated. At least she has acknowledged she brought this on herself. It seems to me that everyone has their price…golf…a holiday


  3. He wasn’t particularly against the vaccine, just didn’t think he needed it. Almost stranger than being an anti vaxxer.


  4. We notice this. Not getting the vaccination is a moral issue … until not getting it makes things inconvenient. So it wasn’t a matter of principle in the first place then, was it? – Kate


  5. Same position here, across the ditch – NO JAB – lots of things you can’t do besides job, festivals, events and even going out to dinner or a cafe. Mandatory for front line health people as well as those in education. Lots of branded companies ditching workers – some even if the person has been vaccinated but believe that “asking is not on” – saying it’s nobodies business Yah/Nah!

    There was a story thing going around recently about “how we don’t know what is in various food products including the secret ingredients in the coating of KFC chicken…but we still eat it!” which is one of the reasons so many anti-vaxxers are so anti it, stating “we don’t know what is in the vaccine”

    For me, it was all about protection – so far and I’ve been double vaxxed since July, I’ve not grown “horns” – although with lockdown my hair is very much out of control…


  6. It’s amazing how many people who were very vocal on social media about not having the vaccination now suddenly not only want it. But are now complaining about the long wait between the shots. I think they just like to complain


  7. So many people here need that extra incentive here too. Teenagers got 100 euros to spend during the summer and school children now are getting some sort of gift as well. As for those others who delay, well they are going to find life a little difficult. I think they should be fined. Money hits where it hurts


  8. A huge number of people here who said they would never get vaccinated suddenly lined up when their job was in jeopardy despite their threats to the contrary. Self interest definitely wins out.


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