Bring me sunshine (and blue skies)

So I took Andrew’s advice on Monday and pottered about in the garden…..all the while with an eye on the sky.

The tall cedrella in the corner with its lovely pink spring leaves showing up against the sky is becoming swamped by other trees and bushes so The Golfer will soon be allowed to have some fun…..armed with a saw and secateurs. Something he does under ’supervision’……I shouldn’t grumble but ’take it back a little’ often turns into a ‘very short back and sides’.

Those bIg black clouds hung around all morning and took a while to move on and it was well into the afternoon before the deep blue skies really put in an appearance.

I’ve been trying to grapple with the camera on a new phone, the phone is larger in size than the one before and doesn’t seem to sit well in my hands…in the end I returned to my mini iPad for the last sunny one.

Somehow I think where this is concerned its going to be a case of

‘Practice is going to make Perfect’

18 thoughts on “Bring me sunshine (and blue skies)

      1. I have always had the smallest iPhone just so I can put it in my pocket. Terry and I both bought the 12-mini a few months ago when I ran my phone through the washer! It’s a great size for my small hands.


  1. Testosterone driven pruning is dangerous. Watch carefully.
    Loving your garden, and despite welcoming rain, some blue skies would be welcome. It is grey here and will be for most of the week. We haven’t had any rain despite forecasts. I fall firmly into the category of people who consider grey skies without rain to be false advertising.

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  2. The second and fourth photo are very similar and if the fourth is the one taken with your iPad, I prefer the second camera phone photo. We once had a cedrella. I haven’t thought of it for years.

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    1. I’m pleased with some of the snaps I’ve taken Andrew…others not so. It’s learning how to hold it steady that’s been a bit of a problem – but I’m sure that will come with time


  3. I too grapple with new gadgets and it took me some time to get used to my bigger phone – particularly when I was out and about…like you it didn’t fit in my hand, and I kept getting my hand in the photo. Somehow that seems to have stopped happening, so maybe it’s some sort of hand/object/brain resizing.
    So nice to see your garden, and hope the man and his saw behave…

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    1. If he knows what side his bread is buttered Cathy the man will behave 😊

      As you suggested I’m sure/hopeful this hand/size/control thingy will pass with time. I’ll just have to keep clicking to practice. Trouble is even though it’s a much larger gadget it’s so much easier to use my mini iPad for some things – which means I’m putting it into the too hard basket.


  4. Your Golfer sounds like my Dad. He was a great gardener but he didn’t half belive in giving things a really thorough pruning! Enjoy your gardening time.

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  5. I know exactly what you mean. One of our first major, sleep on the couch, arguments involved a hedge trimming. It was overgrown but did protect us from the sight of our nosy neighbors. I came home and saw his idea of a trimmed hedge. Also saw the neighbors. Never again! He always asked me to come out when he is trimming.

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    1. Maybe it’s having ‘big boy’ toys in his hands that turns The Golfer into a power driven…..I’m not sure what. That sounds awful but we’ve also got to the point of me pointing to even making marks on where I want the cuts.

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