Taking it easy..or not

Who knew it would be so difficult easing back into a previous way of life. I’ve pottered around doing basically nothing these past few days. I know this aimless feeling will pass soon, after all Summer is a comin’ in (well it’ll be here sometime) and there’s a fair bit of (unwanted/unneeded) green stuff to be removed from underneath some of the plants. That’s a different way of saying….. I’ve got some weeding to do!

One out of focus rose bloom, blowing in the wind…

It’s strange the things that pop into your head at times. I know my mind wanders about a bit now and again but standing there looking at this rose I could feel a connection to a couple of very different songs

A very old Irish tune The Rose of Tralee…one of my grandmas was born there and one of her names was Mary – sadly none of us knew her, she died when my mother was 7

The other was The Rose – which was a favourite piece of one my choirs (now sadly still in recess) – a great song for a large choir, harmony pieces at their best. This is a very different version by country singer Conway Twitty (1933 – 1993)

So if the weatherman has ’got it right’ (mostly sunny, no rain, high of 20c/68f) tomorrow morning I’ll be out in the fresh air, down by the roses on my hands and knees. Wish me luck…..getting down is easy, it’s the getting up that’s a problem 😊

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  1. That is a beautiful rose! I always find transition periods a bit disorienting, and that transition periods seem to last a little longer the older I get.
    The Rose, I am only familiar with Bette Midler’s version:


  2. Two great songs. I remember an exercise class in which the cool down was Conway Twitty, and for some reason the instructor quietly cried through the song.


  3. Hope the weeding went well?. Not just getting back up is an issue, but in supermarkets I can no longer reach the top shelf anymore, now it’s me relying on the kindness of strangers rather than being the one proffering help.


  4. Your garden roses do not seem to have faltered whilst you were away, but yep weeds have an awful habit of just getting on with growing, whatever the weather or the attention…


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