One last time

Last order of coffee on the shady side of the sailing club in Bowen

North Queensland Cruising Yacht Club

Which is on the side facing the Marina premises and the Fishermans Seafood Company

Bowen Fishermans Seafood Company where the ’big boats’ go with their catch
Marina offices in background who look after the ’little boats’

It’s also home to (and I really shouldn’t say this) this dinky little sailing boat.
Isn’t it sweet😊

OK you’ll have to forgive me my non nautical language but all the yachts I’ve ever seen have their masts in the middle …..this one has them going ’front to back’…..

Where is Tiggers Honey (aka Ms F) of Tigger’s Wee -Blog fame when you need her.
Tell me what sort of boat this is…..I could’t attract the man onboards attention to ask (or maybe I just didn’t want to appear daft)….after all I was sitting on the patio of the sailing club so you’d think I’d know what I was looking at 😊

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  1. Cathy – that is called a schooner rig. It is unusual to see such a rig on a small yacht, and because it is a less manageable sail set-up than a sloop or even a ketch (and less efficient upwind than either of those two), it is unusual to see schooner rigs much at all these days – other than on classic yachts. We love your marina – it looks like a peaceful place where life proceeds at a different pace to the normal hurly burly these days. Regards Mr T and F


  2. From your observations, you are becoming quite an expert about boats.

    Have you been eating lots of very fresh seafood?


  3. That looks wonderful: sea, sunshine, blue skies, a quiet coffee in the shade. Safe travels m’dear, and thanks for popping in to mine. xx


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