Recycle ~Reuse ~ Repurpose

Here’s a little bit of thinking out loud that has been occupying my mind recently brought on by listening to the communal camp laundry room chatter about various things some of the other ’residents’ have picked up in their travels and then made good use of. Not necessarily as they were first intended for.

Under the tree covered by a huge cream sun screen on the front and enormous maroon screens along its side is a bus. A very big bus and going by its shape and the sound its engine made when it came in a while ago a very old refurbished bus. Unfortunately that’s all I can show you as the owner has placed a fence along the open side of his site (just visible on the right) which discourages other ‘campers’ from chatting and ‘having a look’ at something different. Camp kitchen chatter has it that as well as a home on wheels it also has been adapted to transport a very small car…..(inside) via a back entrance rather than being towed along behind (outside)

A few years ago we had a speaker at Probus from a bus company, one that had begun in another suburb, had been growing steadily over the years and not long before the talk had bought out the local bus company….. Actually he was a good speaker, gearing his presentation towards an older audience (one who’d grown up using public transport rather than their own wheels right from the start) once he got going I think a lot of the initial resentment about ‘our bus routes being altered by his company’ dissolved especially when he explained that they weren’t just serving the hills community but an extensive area of the eastern suburbs so it made sense to extend routes to other destinations instead of just going up the mountain and back to Croydon railway station. Some people bought it – others didn’t but that’s the way it goes with change isn’t it.

Anyway after describing the lovely new fleet they had invested in someone asked about the old buses, did they sell them, where did they go. To Pacific Island nations, they are used to older stock, know how to service and maintain them.
We have also donated 4 buses and trained female drivers to go Port Moresby for the UN Women’s safe city program, so female residents can travel on female only buses without the fear of violence. We have sent a bus to Pacific Island Kiribati to transport students with different abilities to school.source

Bowen’s harbour/marina is used for commercial fishing boats as well recreational boats and yachts. Daft as it might seem I often drive down there to see what’s to be seen – it’s fascinating for me – who lives closer to the hills than the sea 😋

The end of my street
Bowen harbour/marina from Flagstaff Hill September 2021

And look what I found over near the public slip way, away from what….at the end of the day….sometimes appears to be ’organised chaos’

A Ragamuffin in Bowen!

I knew the name but couldn’t place her

A former maxi yacht sitting there quietly (and sedately) looking quite forlorn. After retiring from racing she was turned into a ’pleasure craft’ – taking on young passengers wanting a ‘fun intimate sailing experience’ Sadly she’s been retired from that also.

Hopefully it won’t be long before she’s sailing again

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Early Monday morning cup of tea time has me thinking about all the bits and pieces the caravaners have appropriated with the words Recycle ~ Reuse ~ Repurpose running through my head

I’m also wondering about the big old bus, the bus line’s old fleet and the sailing boat. Have they been recycled, reused or repurposed? What do you think?

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20 thoughts on “Recycle ~Reuse ~ Repurpose

  1. I don’t know how it would balance out but I would have some concerns about keeping old buses in service anywhere as they wouldn’t meet modern emission standards, perhaps current safety standards and certainly not fuel consumption standards. Give them to less developed nations where they import all their fuel? I think we can do better than that with aid.

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    1. While your points are all very valid ones Andrew, a lot of modern computerized equipment can’t be repaired and maintained in the roadside facilities that are all that’s available in some of these places we have been ‘giving aid’ to. Simple mechanical is sometimes best.

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    2. This was just few years ago now Andrew….the buses weren’t that old (I’ve no idea what make or model….all greek to me) and as the speaker mentioned the mechanics were used to whatever they were and could cope with any problems that might arise.


    1. I can understand the need for modern standards Helen but you wonder where all these old workhorses go at the end of their lives. Someone’s back paddock for the kids to play in??

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    1. They’ve been reused as originally intended transporting people and as you say definitely repurposed…..extending their lives by being used in a different manner.


  2. The fence along side the bus seems to me to be against the ethos of the campground but maybe I’m out of touch?
    I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a bus with a car in the back before, the question being did I see it in the flesh or was it on tv…..
    I’d say all your examples are repuposed.

    I tend to agree with Andrew that we can do better with aid, the fast fashion we dump on the developing world is a total disgrace. Buses though are in good use and recycling them would cause far more emissions than continuing to use them.

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    1. Some put little fences up to keep their dogs contained- usually tiny little dogs who never seem to be controllable. Most people ‘chat’ but (unusually) this person is very private/unsociable even has his chairs facing towards the back of his block plus there doesn’t seem to be a dog involved either.


  3. I’ve seen old buses turned into homes on TV shows. They’re incredible, can be made very comfy. It would be a lovely way to slow travel

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    1. I’m sure, well hopeful that with time mechanical will become a thing of the past for many other nations. In the meantime as you mentioned it’s the best there is and more easily understood than any new fangled (for them) ideal


    1. That’s just it Elizabeth- they might not be the richest countries in the world but they can be ones brimming with inventiveness. Able to extend the life of many things cast aside for newer models elsewhere – I take my hat off to them

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  4. A really interesting insight into life where you are now. I thought you lived in Victoria but maybe you escape to Qld for winter? Thank you for sharing your post as part of Monday’s Life This Week. I do enjoy seeing my blogging friends pop in with a post to share and a comment too. Always appreciated. Next week, the optional prompt is View. I hope to see you there too. Take care, Denyse.


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