Things that made me smile

I’m joining in with Elephants Child and others again today at Sunday Selections. 
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Watching the antics of these two seagulls. To me the one of the right appeared to be a male, strutting and parading in front of what seemed like a very impressionable (or maybe unimpressed) female 😊

‘Come on’ he said ’I’ll take you out to dinner and we’ll watch the sunset afterwards’ Don’t you love a man who’s true to his word

Seeing the psychedelically (is that a word?) painted wall at the fish and chip shop. Soft and warm and comforting in the evening sunshine

Smiling yes, but turning these words written on the wall over in my mind. Does fast food (yes the ‘happy meal’ sort) really make children (or even adults) think that way

Turning a miniature piece of washed up coral in my fingers imagining human feelings of tenderness in the shapes I could see

Smiling as I read this warning sign at a beach in Mackay and wondering…….when you see the words marine stingers – strong currents – crocodiles listed as hazards……why would anyone want to swim there?? Your guess is as good as mine😊

Savouring the thought of Coffee and Cake always puts a smile on my face……this time it was further up the beach at the Seabreeze Hotel.

Do pop over to EC’s and see what beautiful photos she has to share today. 
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  1. So romantic. The chippie wall is very busy. The coral looks like animal forms. What relief to see there aren’t dangerous sharks in the water.

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  2. Glad to know your Sunday was lovely. (Didn’t know your car’s steering wheel was on the right.)
    I used to call Australia from Kansas City to order books for the company I worked for. It was always the next day, so I knew how tomorrow would be!
    Been reading your entries. Thanks for the Aussie views. That ocean looks wonderful, but a little spooky to enter.
    Linda in Kansas

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  3. Come across to NZ – on the other side of the “ditch/Tasman sea” and we too have our steering wheel on the right… And yes if you remember when 2000 was to be the thing, well in NZ there is a part of us that sees the new day before anyone else. So as others in the world worried that 2000 wouldn’t be, we were already there 🙂 – NO crocodiles in NZ…

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  4. Love the gulls 😉 but it was the fish n chips that made me want to eat something familiar, a treat in my childhood – kiwi ‘shark and tatties’. Someone was busy on that wall – agree with you about the warmth. Inspirational quips can get tedious but occasionally one strikes a note that, as you say, gets someone thinking. Snywgere but the wall of a fastfood outlet and that one is a perfectly worthy goal. Andrew’s relief there are no sharks made me laugh – very ‘downunder’ humour.

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