When will it end…..

Before we left home back in July I went through a lot of WIP/UFOs (also known as ’works in progress or unfinished objects😊) and mentioned to The Golfer there were a few things I really wanted to set to and finish while we were away.

One of them was this sampler – the one I wrote about 12 months ago. …..

Little did I know as I wrote that post then, when we in Melbourne were in lockdown a year ago, the city (Victoria…..and many other parts of Australia) would be in the same situation 12 months later….

And here we are with the finishing date to our winter stay looming and the little piece of embroidery still isn’t finished…not for want of trying though…..I’ve thought about it but somehow the light in the cabin hasn’t been the best or it’s been too hot/windy sitting outside….need to be able to see where the needle goes (those holes seem to get smaller) , can’t sew with hot sweaty hands or concentrate when the wind has been ablowin’, …..

Tuesday however was just right and while The Golfer was doing just that both am and pm I had a little self hosted sewing bee 😊

Somehow I don’t think It’ll be finished before we get home in October but I really hope I get the last stitches in before Christmas….same as I hope that by then there’s an end in sight to the madness in our country (as well as worldwide) caused by the Delta strain of Covid-19.

7 thoughts on “When will it end…..

  1. Why do we do that to our holidays? We have 3 weeks holiday in October. I haven’t prepared anything yet except the needlework and knitting that needs to be tackled!🤪

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  2. I’m not going to comment on the “madness” other than it seems never-ending. The embroidery on the other hand is looking like good progress and you know you can get it done by Christmas 🙂

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  3. You have definitely inspired me to pick up a project. It looks as if in the US we will be going through this until every citizen is either ill, dead or vaccinated. That will take quite a while with the way things are going.

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