A little bit of this plus a bit of that

It’s Wednesday again, the first Wednesday in a new month
The first Wednesday in September 2021
Which means it is the first Wednesday in Spring in Australia

Mind you when I wrote this yesterday, here in this little usually warm spot in FNQ it felt almost wintery, very wet and very cool; so much so that because I had no reason to be out and about and there was more rain making it’s way down the coast, a strong wind warning plus the temp was only 18c (feels like 14c!) I resorted to wearing my bring along just in case tracky dacks and a windcheater.
The beach certainly wasn’t calling my name😊

Tuesday 10.45 am

As far as needles and wool are concerned I seem to have done nothing more than ‘look at and think about’ anything to do with them this month. I’m beginning to think a lot of the supplies brought up to keep me occupied will be returning to take up residence in the garage again once we get home…..however there’s hope for some of it because we’ve extended our stay and won’t (at the moment) be leaving for the journey down south until early October now….mind you that could also change given the circumstances in NSW (1000 cases again yesterday) as well as changing case numbers in Victoria.

A general feeling of ‘can’t be bothered’ seems to have crept into life….not just for me but also many in the park. I don’t mean dropping standards but a slowing down, in normal (pre covid) times it would be coming towards the end of the season with many packing up and making the trek back to southern or even farther afield states but more and more like us are staying put because border closures are a problem….especially for those returning to Western Australia or Tasmania.

The baby cardigans from the other day are still at the same stage they were when I spoke about them….unfinished- and thoughts of making another of these little white lacy jackets have progressed as far as casting on plus 3 rows garter stitch!

And that’s when I was interrupted – then glanced down to notice how dry my legs were…….dry legs, moisturiser, greasy hands….no more knitting but time spent lazily watching the clouds pass by through the palms in front of the trellis right where I was sitting 😎

I may not have achieved all the crafty things I planned
BUT…..I have done a bit of reading

One turned out to be a reread – two were a bit so so – and two were definite 5*.
Which ones do you think think they were? Have you read any of them?

August 2021

Sophie Green ~ The Inaugural Meeting of the Fairvale Ladies Book Club

Sophie McKenzie ~ The Black Sheep

Christine Piper ~ After Darkness

Christopher Koch ~ Lost Voices

Emily Koch ~ If I die before I wake

Oh my….. so many words here to tell you it rained all day, I did very little knitting and read a few books last month. There was much beach sitting and very little walking.
How did ‘your’ August go? And what are you reading this Wednesday?

If you’re interested in seeing other’s knitting and reading ideas you’ll find both at Unraveled Wednesday hosted by Kat. Pop over and have a look – she’d love to see you 

15 thoughts on “A little bit of this plus a bit of that

  1. Rainy here and I am supposed to be resting…but have found a series by Peter Grainger about a police sergeant, D.C. Smith.The characters are so well written, the books have humour and I am working my way through the whole lot!

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  2. It is sunny here (for the first time in days). Cool, but I think it will be nice later.
    I hear you on the slowing down front.
    I manage some of the ‘essentials’.
    I am rereading a Mary Selby novel (and laughing again) and wrestling with a book about traveling in Iran. I cannot keep track of the historical rulers… And long for more photos. Which makes me a lazy reader I suppose.

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    1. eC I’m the same with books from/about/by Russian authors. All those long names have me flummoxed….need pen and paper beside me to keep notes lol


  3. Oh how fun that we are on opposite hemisphere schedules. I “snowbird” to warmer climate Dec thru March up here in NA. I’m the opposite. Knitting gets in the way of my reading. I’m lucky if I get through a book every two months and that’s only because I’m in a book club requiring me to read one every two months. Not complaining. I do love my knitting, blogging, and podcast watching.

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  4. Today is sunny and getting warm. It’s supposed to get into the mid twenty’s by Friday and then it’s going to rain all weekend
    August has been lots of crocheting and doing a little housework everyday
    Not much else to do in lockdown
    At least you have lovely scenery and warm weather. I’d stay as long as I could if I were you


  5. Just one perfect day back here but not a great forecast. I hope you did not go out in public in tracky daks. A run to lavvy block might be permissible.

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    1. No need for a ‘lavvy run’ Andrew – we’re in a self contained cabin but they’re not too far away if i get caught short in the laundry


  6. Ennui. It seems to have set in here and maybe its fingers are reaching out for you as well. A sort of ‘why bother…. it will all still be here tomorrow’ type of feeling. Reading sounds like a good idea though, something to occupy the imagination and divert the focus (and relieve the ennui).

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    1. That’s the way it is Tigger and F….it’ll still be here in the morning. Hopefully the cool weather won’t though and we’re back to warmer temps.


  7. Sitting and watching the clouds go by. Sounds marvellous. A little rain will keep the grounds green.
    Don’t go home, stay north and stay safe!!

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    1. My feelings exactly Linda…unfortunately we have to go home sometime so I’m psyching myself up for the inevitable. A few more weeks to go before we get there though 😊


  8. Those palm tress beyond the trellis look nice and green. The lazy days of summer here in Hawaii have almost ended, and now we face the rainy season. Covid cases are skyrocketing here and we might face another lockdown.


  9. I need a map to try and work out where you are . . . and I confess that the geography and distances in Australia tends to blow up my little brain. I know what you mean about a general slowing down though, it feels a bit like that here.


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