It’s amazing what you can do with a paint brush, spray can and a ladder….

The sun doesn’t always shine here first thing in the morning
We’ve had a few cool cloudy very windy mornings recently (like this one below) ones where I’ve popped down to Rose Bay on the off chance it might move on early but no joy (or should I say no time sitting reading by the sea)
Only thing to be seen there was a tiny bit of sun shining somewhere up above which highlighted the choppy seas and a lone yachtsman moving along in the distance.

So it was off to town to find some newish murals I’d seen around and about…..actually I’d noticed a few of them when we were last here but never got round to taking photos.
James Ellis – a young mural artist from Brisbane, came up here in 2017 (plus a few years since) and has put a lick of paint on some shop premises and other places, same as he has been doing all over Queensland.

The top two are on the side of one of the local fish and chip places… do you get your fish – off a trawler of course – and the side wall of a local ‘all things outdoorsy’ place received a great big ‘one that got away’

This is what went on the side of the pool shop building
Yes GREAT BIG turtles

He collaborated with another artist (Jarad Danby)
to give this plain blank stairwell wall a lift.
Directly across the road from a beach – one little lad looking skyward.
Ready for some time on the sands with his trusty sandcastle building spade

I have found quite a few other ones but I’ll leave them for another day.
Best enlarge these for a better view

Linking to Monday Murals hosted by Sami at Colourful World
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He doesn’t seem to have a website but is on other social media

fb ~ J.R Ellis Mural Artist.
insta ~ @jte11is

11 Replies to “It’s amazing what you can do with a paint brush, spray can and a ladder….”

  1. I really like these. I love the idea of putting murals on buildings, it makes such a difference to the look and feel of a place


  2. Fantastic murals Cathy. I specially love the boy looking up at the sky. Most of these artists are amazing!
    Thanks for participating in Monday Murals.


  3. I’m envious of people who can paint
    And I love those brightly coloured murals.
    They would make me happy just walking past them


  4. Really glad to be reading your blog again. I thought you’d stopped blogging and only recently realised I wasn’t getting the email notifications. I’ve re-followed you.
    I just live all those down under murals. Makes the places far more joyful and colourful.
    Glad to be reading you again


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