Things that made me smile…..

It’s been a while I know.😊…… I’m joining in with Elephants Child and others at Sunday Selections.
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But first I just want to start with a little tribute to Jill – Jill from Land of the Big Sky.
Jill left us suddenly 6 months ago – on 23rd February 2021
She would write each day about Fraserburgh, the coastal town where she lived.
Telling us about what she was up to in her shedudio, what her dear Dawn Patroller had seen on his early morning wanderings, her walks along the sea front (the prom) and the birds, boats, dogs, surfers and children she saw there.
She had a special love of Oystercatchers and a soft spot for seagulls. Gull gangs!

I smiled when I saw the gull gangs on the foreshore and thought instantly of Jill
Do you think the big boys will let us play with them today?
One size and style of shed does for all the farms nearby
High and dry at very low tide (Dingo Beach )
King prawns and crispy noodle salad for lunch
A red coloured Hibiscus flower with a very long stamen
on the bush by the cabin window
Mr Whippy visits the van park
Ooh that’s a big one 😊 Hooray for Mr Whippy 💕

Do pop over to EC’s and see what beautiful photos she has to share today.
Sunday Selections– a place to share photos…..old and new

6 thoughts on “Things that made me smile…..

  1. It is always lovely when you join us. Thank you.
    That is one incredible stamen on the hibiscus, and a VERY big Mr Whippy.
    And I love your tribute to and memories of Jill. Gull gangs made me smile.

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    1. I can’t remember what was being played Andrew – I know there was a tinkling sound so maybe not Greensleeves. When our children were small (and we were short of cash at times) The Golfer would tell them if the music was being played it meant the van had run out of ice cream!


  2. Thank you for the tribute to Jill, i miss her ability for positive blogging despite everything she struggled with, and loved that she loved her ‘happy place’ so much she could convey it to all of us. Looks like you are living the ‘snowbird’ life. Your happy place?

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    1. Lol Grey Nomads is the Australian term 😎.
      Yes the Whitsundays, this part of Australia (plus the outback) is so very different to the rest. Bowen itself is a working town but a gentle refreshing town, very welcoming to visitors. Certainly a happy place – even when hot and humid!


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