What’s in a name

People and places are usually known by a name and I’m always interested (and sometimes intrigued) by them, why were they called that – how did they come by them?


I was thinking about that after I got an email from my sister where she referred to me as Lady Cavendish…..a long forgotten (by me) family nickname.
It took me a while to remember how/why I’d been dubbed that
It was ‘given’ to me by my father when I was about 14, because for some reason or another I’d become very aware of table manners……..and seemingly I’d ‘asked’ him not to slurp his soup – to which he’d replied
“who do you think you are…..Lady Cavendish?”
And it stuck ☹️

Sort of related to that ‘ where/how did’ things get named thought, we took a drive up to Ayr last week. Just over an hour away from Bowen along the Bruce Highway….
Where there are lots of roadworks going on – and on – and on……

Where we saw lots of these yellow male and female figures strapped to power poles…..I know they’re a safety feature (look up – be aware) but they just remind me of ‘Flat Cat’ 😊
I’ve only seen them around Queensland roadworks- does anyone know if they are used in other states…..and do they have an actual name?

Talking of names the other thing that intrigues/ amuses me as we travel around are creeks and the names they’re given. There are loads of five mile/ten mile ones that I assume are the distance they are out of town and others with people’s names or place names BUT look at these three which are about 20km out from Bowen. Aren’t they the best – I bet there’s a story to be told from years ago about those names, something to ask about at the local history museum because they definitely put a smile on my face when I see them 😊😊

And once again it’s Monday, we’ve been here four weeks now…..four more to go.
I’ll be honest and say I’m beginning to wonder how we’re going to get home; due to the virus rearing it’s head again and spreading here there and everywhere circumstances in different states are changing each day. Four weeks sounds a long time yet it’s not really a long time especially with what’s going on in NSW.

It’s the big topic of conversation here in the van park with most ‘winter residents’ coming from other states……but look, even though most of us are a long way from home we know there’s always a way to get back there…..to stay out of harms way (aka not go through NSW) it might take a smidgeon longer for us than the usual 4 day/ 2500km direct drive down the Leichhardt and Newell. We could go north a couple of hours to Townsville, then travel about 1500km west along the Flinders and Barkly Hwys past Mount Isa to Tennant Creek, then down the Stuart Hwy 2000km to Adelaide and then east to Melbourne…..a mere 700km on the Dukes Hwy followed by the Western Hwy at the Victorian border 😊😊😊

So what am I going to do about it…….right this minute not a lot.
It’s early morning cuppa tea time then maybe a gentle walk on nearby Queens Beach. Thankfully I’ve been a bit more mobile these past few days.

Oops, I’m forgetting my manners here (yes Mum I hear you) – I hope you are all well
How has your week gone, did you travel far from home
notice anything that made you curious or smile.
Lol, theres a name for my questions – interested or nosy….. take your pick 😊

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  1. A lot can happen in four weeks. Think about going home when it’s time to go home. We don’t have those cute cutouts on traffic warning signs here in California. Maybe other states?


  2. I haven’t see those cut-outs here. Or in the bits of NSW we travel reasonably regularly.
    Names fascinate me too.
    And, yes, I am sure there IS a story behind those creek names.


  3. Those cut out people have suddenly started appearing in
    South Australia but I have no idea what the point of
    them is!


  4. No yellow cut outs here in covid central!

    I don’t like your chances of getting home by the usual route but a detour might be a nice change?


  5. In Denmark we had those cutout peole in red some years ago. They were put up to make people aware of new school children in the traffic. They did not work and were discontinued. The use of them on dig sites would maybe be better. Let’s see if we have her still somewhere.
    We have not been travelling at all, not due to Covid, but other family troubles. I sorely miss it! And envy you your travelling even with the possibility of detours and new views.


  6. That’s some detour. My grandparents did “Australia the long way round” back in the mid-70’s. Towed a caravan across those vast empty spaces and took about two years doing it. I trust the highways have improved out of sight since then.


  7. Must admit it had already crossed my mind about how you would get home. Are you not tempted to stay put ? You have found some glorious names. My Mum was slightly annoyed at the name of one of the moorland stone markers in North Yorkshire , called Fat Betty.


  8. Travel far from home? I don’t think so and no thanks to you for asking.
    Maybe you should start thinking about staying on in Bowen. Nothing to rush home for is there? Do not return to Melbourne for the weather.
    I’ve never seen those warning things strapped to poles before.
    I love creek names, Boggy Creek, Snake Creek, Dry Creek, Five Mile Creek, so many more.

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  9. G’day, Cathy. This site might assist you re the traffic signals…I have no answers.

    There certainly are many interesting names of creeks, towns etc. Some very imaginative and it’s interesting to learn how they came about.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying your trip…I hope you are being treated well by everyone in our fair state. Take care, Happy Wanderer! 🙂

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  10. I’ve never seen those yellow things before and I travelled that road just a few years ago. Did you see Alligator Creek? I know of two others in Queensland. I first time I saw the one along that road I was booked for speeding. Mind you, I was a lot younger then. Thinking about it, I think that creek might be north of Ayr, closer to Townsville.

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