Oh dear….

It would appear 13 yr old Catherine has finally turned into her granny

Catherine with Mary Elizabeth Lappin 1955

And gained a wrinkly neck and chest as well 😊

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  1. Even as a 13 year old, there was a strong resemblance.
    You look very relaxed and beachy 🙂


  2. The resemblance is remarkable. I am curious whether it was your father or mother who passed the genes down, and did they look like you too?


  3. My Grandmother was the most beautiful human I’ve ever known. I’ve always loved the majesty in age, the wealth of time incarnate. People, trees, rocks, mountains, animate, inanimate.
    Having said all that, I don’t really enjoy every new wrinkle, every new sag, every ache, and every new pain. So I feel your “oh dear” keenly! Time is a strange visitor. But my oh my you surely do look like someone I’d like to have a cup of tea with, someone I’d like to know.


  4. I often pass a mirror, especially on the days I don’t put on makeup, and see my mother moving through the room. Other days, with makeup applied, I catch a glimpse of my sister making a face at something that has been said. Yes, the genes will out.


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