Same place….different year

Yes it’s the same familiar small stretch of sand – the same old beach towel

Possibly different rubber thongs – plus a different book to read.
Definitely a different year 😊

My morning routine has begun – several days of the week
While The Golfer is ‘golfing’ I spend some early morning time at Rose Bay

Note for Lee – the little caravan park is still there. Seems a place for young at heart travellers to stay, lots of camper vans and youngsters in loose flowing clothes there. No cabins though.

(At the moment there are problems with the internet services where we are staying so I’m going to have to use the library or Maccas in town – 3kms away. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon)

8 thoughts on “Same place….different year

  1. Oh that’s great news Cathy, and away from yet another lockdown in Victoria – according to a news snippet, the 5th time for your state…Enjoy lazy around and refuelling your sanity etc – gentle hugs from across the ditch


  2. Glad you are experiencing life as it used to be!
    Here in Ontario, Canada, we are still under restrictions, and our little bubble, hubby and me, still have only seen other humans up close at his workplace and for medical appointments. After Delta has swept the country, and any other variants that are on their way here, we will rejoin whatever has developed out there in our absence. More people dying where we are in the last four weeks than in the last year, so it isn’t time to take risks just yet. Canada has good vaccination rates though, so we are hopeful!!


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