I am feeling much better now

All it took was a four day drive – via regional New South Wales
(where even a small local businesses seemed mindful of strict covid precautions – QR code and mask….no if’s or buts)

Up to the Sunshine state of Queensland where just like magic all my worries woes and misery seemed to lift off my shoulders.

I’ll begin to think about state borders again in September- when it’ll be time to return home
In the meantime I’ll be slathering on the sun screen and dipping my toes in the Coral Sea – see ya sometime soon😊

8 thoughts on “I am feeling much better now

  1. Ahhh! Enjoy the north, Cathy. Bowen beaches are beautiful, indeed. Through the years, I spent a good amount of time there. I also fell in love with a little waterfront cabin I used to rent on weekends at the caravan park at Rose Bay. The cabin was called “Laguna”…it would be long gone now, I guess.

    Enjoy! Enjoy! 🙂


  2. Oh that’s welcome news, Cathy. I know how much you’ve wanted to get away, on your usual trips away. And even if this is different due to you know what – it will be magic. Just follow the you know what rules and all will be well – enjoy. And try to find some time to tell us what you are doing or not doing…


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