What have you missed….

that hasn’t returned,
was a question asked during the general chit chat at the book club
Gatherings of like minded people I said

I have memories of fun concerts with one of my choirs.

For various reasons we haven’t ‘met’ since April last year.
Online or in person.
I’ve heard on the ‘grapevine’ that nobody has been sick
most have had at least on vaccination
and all are raring to go again.
Unfortunately it will most likely be in the new year (when all this is over)
the dos and don’t of covid restrictions are making it difficult.
~ ~ ~ ~
Plus memories of fun outings with the Red Hat Society ladies.
which likewise for various reasons my chapter has closed for the time being

I’ve been trying to make sense of my recent maudlin feelings
And am beginning to think I keep reminding myself of what was
(and yes I’m in all the photos)
rather than what can be

11 thoughts on “What have you missed….

  1. Our church’s choir won’t be back until September. I’ve missed the choir as well as a chamber music group that uses the sanctuary for their performances. It will happen again.


  2. My day to day routine hasn’t altered over the past 18 months, so there really isn’t anything I miss. I’m pretty reclusive by choice…so everything remains the same for me and my daily habits.

    Take good care, Cathy. 🙂


  3. I’ve missed a lot of things, but not directly related to the pandemic. I used to just go out and about in my region, a kind of day out, hop off and on local buses and often no know exactly where. Of course, I always got back home. Then I couldn’t do that, restriction of movement.

    Later when I could I had gotten afraid of all the traffic about…took a huge step to start small/locally. Then as I got into my stride, my own health took me back to the unit, it wasn’t particularly safe for me to go anywhere.

    I’m determined now to start walking again…it’s 9 months since I went daily.

    As for attending group things, still not back on track with that! Because some of them have just folded…


  4. yeah I miss singing in groups too. It was quickly established that singing was one of the most effective ways to broadcast this virus to a group; more effective even than coughing on them. I can spot your cheerful face in two of the photos. When you look at a phot of your self, do you see yourself as cheerful or do you just see what you feel (or felt) inside?


  5. It’s the joy of those get togethers that is impossible to duplicate on line. It is obvious what you and the rest of us are missing these days–the joy of the group.


  6. I don’t really miss anything from pre-pandemic but I am now missing my work friends and missing going out for a meal or a coffee


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