I read a book….

I knew it would happen – sooner rather than later
It would return and I’d wonder how and why it had managed to get lost
I just didn’t imagine it happening this way

All it took was one short 280 page novel to find it again
A YA (young adult) one at that
And a willingness to accept some events that might be a bit far fetched. Not quite suspension of belief – more…. Do they really expect me to believe that?

Could Australia be invaded via a small town in NSW…..over a short period of time by an unknown force speaking an unknown language when everyone (apart from the main characters who’ve ‘gone bush’ for several days) is at the yearly agricultural show?

After being dissatisfied with recent library picks, annoyed at not being able to find something I could lose myself in, mourning the loss of my reading mojo I rummaged through a bag of books set aside for Bowen and came out with something that had me engrossed from the first page in.

Tomorrow, When the War Began – John Marsden did it for me.
Deciding to have a set time to read during our latest lockdown (well we couldn’t go far so I wasn’t going to be out long if I did go out) rather than reading on and off during the day meant I actually looked forward to that time.
Plus choosing a genre (YA) not normally on the bedside table was a challenge in itself – I don’t remember ever having a book geared towards teenagers about teenagers there before.
But as the old expression goes – whatever turns you on 😉

Ever hopeful I can return to my usual reading rate I’m about to start The Awakening…..first book in The Dragon Heart Legacy written by Nora Roberts…..a new to me author, well I do know her name, just haven’t read any of her work
Fantasy, Romance, Magic…..all set in Ireland.
My mother always said once I got my nose in a book I was lost to the world – I’m about to open another book and get lost, all the while keeping a tight hold of my reading mojo 😊

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  1. That’s more than this ole guy will ever accomplish — again.
    It takes too much patience to “read a book” — as you must be aware, when I get “the urge” to read, I respond and satiate “the urge” with a “blog”! E

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  2. I have never lost that particular mojo. When I am tired/jaded I return to old favourites. A woman I worked with had a stroke and lost her ability to read and write. Worse still it seems that the damage was too great for the skills to be relearned. I thought at the time that was dreadful and haven’t changed my stance.
    I do hope your mojo stays with you.

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    1. I am comforted by the knowledge that one can purchase audio books, so if I ever lose my ability to read, and the world is kind to me, I will listen to audio books. I’ve tried it out last year, my Christmas gift. I listen to audio books when I am cooking, baking, and preserving food. If I sit in a chair to listen, I fall asleep, lol.

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  3. I am enjoying my books the “second time around”. I have hundreds, probably thousands of books, I’ve never counted them. There are four floor to ceiling book cases, the shelves are filled two deep with books. Every one of them has a memory, or a feeling, all are cherished. Right now I am rereading my hardcover copy of Robinson Crusoe, and enjoying it very much.
    I don’t read as much since the pandemic began here, as I find I spend a lot of time online in order to interact with humans. Who knows though, what life will be like here when I come out of my bubble. I went into isolation in February of 2020, and have been in public (vaccine shots, etc.) five times since then. I’ve grown very accustomed to being in my own space, doing my own thing, and reading is one of them.

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  4. Mother said I should have been born with three hands, two for the normal things and the other for the book. I find the radio a good background to cooking, etc, so might try an audio book for a change.

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  5. I have the complete series of those books. I love them
    I’ve been listrn8g to audiobooks and that way I can keep doing other things as well
    This weather we are having lately is perfect for staying indoors

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  6. I decided to have some e-books but I’ve not started any of them…I thought I might today but not got anywhere near that part of the laptop!
    Maybe I should read some each night before I turn of the light…like someone was reading to me, but I was looking at the print words…
    I love YA books, over the years when I was reading real time, I got into quite a few series…

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