They’re leaving home….

‘Our Big Girl’ left home last week. She and ‘her partner’ left their old home in the hands of its new owners and drove out of Melbourne towing her new home (a spanking new little…..very little….Jayco Pop Top Journey Outback caravan). They’re taking 12 months worth of leave (accrued annual, long service and sick) to do The Big Lap. Yes they’ve done all the planning, sold up everything and anything they didn’t ‘love’ including house, rented a storage unit for things they couldn’t part with, and are now off to drive around (and discover) our Wide Brown Land.

This is a photo of my Mum and Dad taken many years ago – I think at the time they were on holiday in Skegness (a seaside town on the east coast of England). Dad stayed on in the RAF after the war which meant we lived in many places, and after we all left home they became great travellers enjoying time away now and again both in the UK and in Europe. They did venture ‘down under’, loved it here but found it a long way – nearly 24hrs travelling as opposed to just a few across The Channel and beyond.

Now this is a photo of The Golfer’s Mother and Father (my in-laws) taken many years ago – at the time they were spending a few days visiting one of his sisters, a four hour drive from their home. They weren’t one for ‘holidays’ away from home and I remember my sister-in-law writing and saying how her Mother was on tenterhooks the whole time she was there. Seemingly she had a very relieved look on her face as they were leaving for home.

Both of these couples had their birthdays and also the days of their deaths in the first half of the year so we both (The Golfer and I) can be a bit pensive during those months . It all seems to come to a head about this time of the year and we need time to ourselves.

Amongst many things, my parents gave me a love of music and dance , love, laughter and travel – my in-laws gave me a respect for a simple way of life. My father in-law was a country boy born in the small rural village of Boxted in Essex (East Anglia) and for most of his working life was a chimney sweep.

Sometimes when I look at this saying I have hanging on the wall (author unknown)

There are but two things we can give our children;
One is roots, the other is wings.

it makes me think of them and the legacy they left of being adventurous as well as enjoying life both at home and away.

So very different -yet so very much alike – both couples had one thing in common.

To see me, The Golfer and our family enjoy life and prosper
When we told them we were leaving, migrating to Australia.
and it was possible they wouldn’t see us again
‘Go for it’ they all said.
Move on…live your new life
But never forget where you’ve come from

Just before leaving time – 1972

Sitting here with my early cup of tea I’m thinking of how many times I’ve wished my children well, sent them on their way to enjoy new lives with the reminder to remember their roots. Some have returned a little worse for wear needing home comforts/love for a while longer- others have revelled in new found freedom

How have you felt when ‘leaving’ has cropped up in your world
It’s a word with many emotions attached

~ ~ ~ ~

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(Oh and OBG hasn’t gone far – their first planned stop was Bright in the High Country…..just 4hrs up the road. Plans for a few days stay have now been extended to 7 (and possibly more) courtesy of the statewide lockdown we here in Victoria have been put into, which isn’t too bad as there’s lots of things to do up there even at this time of the year with its cooler temps (-2c/29f overnight) .. ….except there are only 5 reasons they (like us) are allowed to leave home, straying from the van park for exercise is limited to 2hrs within a 5km radius. Pubs restaurants and cafes are closed so no pub lunches in front of blazing fires either)

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    1. Somehow I think they’ll be up there for a little while longer Lydia☹️

      She’s a fully fledged over 50 adult so her leaving has been easier on us this time, maybe because they are still here in Australia rather than 16,000kms away like when she went o/seas and stayed away for 10yrs. Also much more simple to keep in touch these days


  1. How exciting.
    They are MUCH braver than I am. I don’t travel well either physically or mentally.
    I hope the lockdown isn’t extended and wish them the very best of travels.
    I feel for you – but how wonderful to be able to communicate relatively easily with them. Something which was totally absent when my parents first came to Australia.

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    1. Oh EC the lockdown is morphing into something we don’t want. It’s possible it will be extended but maybe not in its current form. The travellers will be fine, they are accepting the situation and taking in their surroundings a bit more slowly than if their stay had been just for a few days.


  2. And now your offspring are off to create their own memories. Real sorry that has stalled so quickly but it will give them valuable time to get used to the new 4 walls; along with learning the art of slowing down in one place.

    And I’m sure they will send you and the Golfer many photos of their adventures…

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    1. That’s exactly the way they’re looking at it Cathy. As well as getting their exercise in the fresh air there’s a lot of exercise going on inside the van as they rearrange bits and pieces. They’ve opened a fb page for invitees only to show everybody where they’d been and what they’ve been up to.

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    1. The way things are evolving with more cases emerging in the cluster here in Melbourne Helen I think the lockdown will be extended – so they could be waiting for the green light a little longer than predicted.

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  3. Beautiful pictures and story. I love the idea of travelling around Australia in a brand new camper. I was just chatting to my husband yesterday about how I would love to win the lotto and then do this. Amazing!

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    1. I admire their spirit and at times wish we’d done it years ago. We’re just content to travel up north for a few months during the winter. I’ve got fingers and toes crossed there aren’t many more cases out there and this outbreak clears up as quickly as it sprung up. Selfishly I’m not sure I’d enjoy another winter at home.


  4. Oh I loved the roots and wings quote. Khalil Gibran wrote, “Our children are not our children. They are the sons and daughters of life’s longing for itself. They come through us but not from us. And though they are with you yet they belong not to you. For they have their own thoughts.”

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  5. How lovely and loving is your post. Such words that can sustain us too, in your leaving post. Our parents also farewelled us …they had no choice…as we young teachers spent our first 8 years teaching all around NSW and in one remote community 12 hours from Sydney. But we had a great holiday base back at their place, close to Manly and they adored being grandparents so we often got to “leave” for our own adventures..we did return. Your daughter..stuck in Vic for a bit. I hope that their journey continues. Thanks so much for being part of the Life This Week Community by linking up. I always appreciate my blogging friends comments on my post too. Have a great first week of June. See you next Monday I hope. The optional prompt is: Motivate. Denyse.

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