I need a little help….

I haven’t done much reading this month – just one novel.
Well actually, I finished it on the first of the month but put it into last month’s listing so really the amount is nil
All those authors and books I took note of last year because they sounded ‘interesting’ just aren’t looking that way at the moment. Books have come home from the library and been returned unread…not even opened in some cases.
However, when I dropped into the library the other day to return some of The Golfer’s loans I saw this on the recently returned trolley- you know the one where they put books before they are shelved…..and much to the librarians delight, lots of times they mysteriously find their way out the door again on the same day 😊

Have any of you read.
The Spire – William Golding?

( it deals with the construction of the 404-foot high spire loosely based on Salisbury Cathedral; the vision of the fictional Dean Jocelin. Wikipedia)

I read The Lord of the Flies years ago and after a quick read of the back of the book blurb thought this would be as easy to read as that one.  Short answer (for me) it’s not a ‘hard/difficult’ read, it’s just not an easy read. I’m finding it confusing trying to ‘work out’ what is happening in real life and what is happening in the main characters head. I’ll plod on and finish it because I want to know if the Spire is actually built on the cathedral and what becomes of the Dean and the other characters.

Right now, I’ve a little question for you. I’ve ‘looked it up’ but can’t find an explanation. So I’m wondering if any of my ‘well read’ readers know what is meant by:- (page 21)

He had a tariff of knees

He knew how they should be after this length of kneeling or that. Now, when they had passed through a dull ache, to nothing, he knew that more than an hour had passed”.
Any ideas anyone ?

Gosh, this week has flown by. As usual early on a Monday morning I sit here ‘thinking’. The Golfer is still abed and it’s quiet and peaceful….inside. As the weeks are passing since we got a sort of ‘all clear’ more and more people are back at work…..which is good…..but it’s becoming noisier…..outside. So as far as the roads are concerned (at this time of the morning) it’s almost back to the way it was.

This time last week I was wondering what the next would bring.
Well, It’s been all go….I’m now ready to meet influenza head on, my BP is back down to where it was last November (before my lovely little sister’s illness and subsequent death), my feet are feeling fabulous after a visit to the ‘clippers and scalpel wielding lady’ who is a foot massage genius, my back was ‘put right’ by my other ‘lovely lady’ with her little clicky thing and I can tell you the water at the pool was refreshingly cool. Obviously my idea of what heated means and that of the local council who run it is different – like the ocean feels when you dip your toes, it’s alright once you get in!

The kettle has just come to the boil so I’m off to make another cup of tea
My last week seemed to revolve around health and well being…..what was yours like?

And I’m attaching this little postcript as a reminder we all need a little joy in our lives.
Carols by Candlelight are just that for everyone who attends or watches on tv.
One of the things children (and adults) missed out on last year due to Covid restrictions
Song of Joy sung by David Hobson. Melbourne 2012

Denyse is hosting  Life this week – why don’t you pop over and see what’s going on

24 Replies to “I need a little help….”

  1. I’m reading Mazie Hirono’s (Hawaii’s US senator) book Heart of Fire because my son sent it to me. I don’t usually read hard cover books anymore. I just read my Kindle, BUT this book has me glued to it.

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    1. It’s a great feeling to find a book you enjoy. Hard backs can be difficult to manage but do have a different feel to them than paperbacks which makes it seem even more enjoyable.


  2. I haven’t a clue about your question, so I’ll go with what EC suggests. That’s a memory revived, taking books from the return trolley and I don’t think I was ever disappointed. I think I need some of your lovely ladies.

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    1. Oh I’m sure those LL exist on your side of town Andrew. When my ‘lovely foot man’ retired I was all of a dither trying to find a replacement (i did not like the others in the practice) so took a punt on a recommendation from a friend. She was right so I’m happy – my feet are happy- the practice is happy to get a new feet coming in the door . Happy Feet all round 😊


  3. That book sounds a little confusing. I received a book recently about Marie Curie and it included an alternative life. I hadn’t requested it and don’t read historical fiction so gave it to my mother and she enjoyed it but said she got a bit confused between the two stories as it wasn’t always clear.

    I hope you have a lovely week.

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    1. Hello Deborah Do you have the author’s name for the other book and the title. At the moment I’m back to receiving any suggestions that come along. So far this week has been ok. A beautiful huge moon visible low in the sky when I opened the curtains this morning has been a great start to the day


  4. I love books and have a huge stack to get through. I have almost forgotten the titles. Lately I am into Author Bridget Collins. They are magical and refreshing reads.

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    1. Is that the same author who wrote’The Binding’? I read that earlier in January and thoroughly enjoyed it. Maybe something else by her might renew my interest. Thanks for mentioning her name


  5. I’m so happy that things are slowly going back to normal in Australia. I have family in Melbourne and they’re happy to be out and about. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of India. We’re at the absolute worst at this time and there’s no sign of things looking up anytime soon.
    Take care, Cathy. It’s always a pleasure reading your posts.

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    1. Oh Corrine the world is so saddened by the problems India is having with this ghastly virus.

      Each country has tackled the epidemic in their own way, even different states/provinces/counties localities even in those countries have varied their approach. I’m sure your family have related our struggles (minor in relation to other countries) here in Victoria last year. We are certainly glad to have worked our way through and are now privileged/able to enjoy freedoms we didn’t imagine 12 months ago.

      Sending best wishes and much love – I’m not sure what guidelines your government have been issuing- but stay home unless necessary to be out, wear a mask (correctly) if out steer clear of others and wash your hands. If only everyone took heed!


  6. No idea about answer to your question – other than tariff usually references a type of tax – maybe as EC commented is the metaphor.

    I have very few actual books, it was something that happened in the early part of our lockdown when looking at words in a book, made my system go right off edge. I had just got out my lot of 6 before then, I didn’t know that none would get more than a glance and then put by the door to be returned when the “a.h. slots reopened”

    Somehow, I’ve not even been in a library although I’ve been past a few that were always favourites for finding interesting titles, which I would then request to have at my local library…

    I at time reading an e-book through library service but even that often just gets a glance and then I’m returning it…

    I’ve not idea why … cause I love to read!!!

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  7. Oh I love that song and he has such a lovely voice for it too! Glad you’ve had a wellness week, it’s amazing what a few lovely ladies can so isn’t it? I’m sorry I can’t help with the phrase! #lifethisweek

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    1. Wasn’t it just a joy to listen to Debbie 😊. I think EC gave the ‘correct’ answer – a price you pay (in that particular characters case of having to kneel to pray). Thanks for coming over from Denyse’s and commenting

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  8. A strange, unusual phrase…I agree with Elephant Child’s understanding of it. “Tariff of the knees….a taxing duty!”

    A friend told me about a book she was reading at the time…one she said was hilarious and worth readying…”Red, White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston”…https://www.booktopia.com.au/red-white-royal-blue-casey-mcquiston/book/9781250316776.html

    Perhaps you might like to add it to this month’s reading list, Cathy…or next. 🙂

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  9. Hello Lee. Thanks for the book recommendation, I could do with some fun reading so put in an order with my local library. Will let you know my thoughts when it arrives- and I’ve finished it


  10. What a lovely glimpse that was into your world recently. I used to borrow from libraries but never finished books. I am still into my Audible books and any chance I am in my car solo (that is most days) it’s my preferred accompaniment.

    I had a flashback re William Golding and Lord of the Flies. I was in the first cohort of NSW new 6 years at high school and for the Higher School Certificate in 1967 it was his book that was part of our English exam….not great at English technically. I was much better at Modern History back then.

    Thank you for sharing your post for Life This Week. I am always appreciative of the blogging community and you are one of those people in my blogging life. Next week, the optional prompt is Taking Stock. The new set of prompts is on my home page should you want to follow. Looking forward to see you again next week hopefully too. Denyse


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