The Pink Side of Life….

I’m sharing this with Life in Colour hosted by Jude(found at Travel Words) and also with Sunday Selections hosted by EC (found at Elephant’s Child)

Jude has decided that for her ‘Life in Colour’ challenge Pink is the colour for April.
Pink is the color most often associated with charm, politeness, sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness, childhood, femininity and romance. source

Thinking I was going on a wasted journey looking for Pink in my archives I ended up being surprised with what I found there

Firstly I knew there were some of those little memes and sayings I love to gather.
My favourite- obviously 😊

Always something to look forward to

I discovered it around the house….It was there in the bedroom

In the kitchen and the hallway

Window Dressing series
Flowers in the Hallway series

Out in the garden – there were Pink Camellias Roses and Succulents

Crassula Multicava – London Pride

It was on the deck -discarded after a hard day outside working planting and caring

A colour I usually reserve for littlies but
it seems I must have at some time used it for biggies as well.
Special made to order cross over scarves and winter slippers!

And of course for the little ones of mothers who like traditional colours 😊

When photographed I’m always surprised that colours never seem to be as they are in real life – the camera has a habit of changing things – here peach/apricot and even brown hues appeared
Pink is not always Pink

Joining EC and others for this week’s Sunday Selections
There’ll be plenty of pink to see at Life in Colour – check out the comments in her posts for the links
Sharing your photos…old and new…black and white or colour
Why don’t you join us one Sunday!

20 Replies to “The Pink Side of Life….”

    1. EC I’d forgotten about those gloves until I found the photo. It’s reminded me to get some more like those- i had them for many years, they were comfortable and fitted well and I’m not sure why I replaced them with another brand


  1. That Camelia is ‘to die for’. They are beautiful flowers at any time but such perfection is amazing. Amazing also (as always) is you knitted output. (and WOW, Wiki really did a job on pink didn’t they?)

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    1. ‘That’ Camellia has been one of the best purchases we ever made. It’s been in the ground since the early 1980s, at the front of the deck and gets cut back each year – then grows like topsy. I cannot for the life of me remember it’s name


  2. Like all colours what we see is not always what we imagine. So many shades and tints and hues of pink and you found a lot! Cutest baby matinee jackets – I used to love knitting small garments.

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    1. Jude, I limit my knitting these days to baby and small children sizes – no more grandchildren to come, maybe some greats but that’s in the future so whatever I do now is destined for a local charity. Sort of like being a grandma- love them and then hand them back

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  3. I loved dressing my girls in pink and fortunately my granddaughter loved it until she went over to purple at about four. Now she is 14 so pink is definitely not her style any more. Glad to see you still make some sweaters in traditional colors.

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    1. What’s strange Elizabeth is that I wasn’t a ‘pink’ mother. I can’t remember ever dressing my girls in it. They both liked blue colours or lilac/lavender so that’s as girly as they got 😊

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  4. I’ve never been a “pink” person – meaning the lightest of the pink shade. And at some point a year or two back decided I would make a “pink” book – and lo and behold in my fabric stash was a reasonable pink flannel – I think it may have been a dressing gown at some point, due to the shape of the cloth pieces. Where I got it from, who knows!
    Currently working on a basic “orange” book but there is pinks scattered through it with some yellows…

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    1. Maybe it’s an age thing Cathy – perhaps the ‘little girls in pink’ came after our generation.
      I’m a green girl or blue (and of course Melbourne black with maybe fawn contrast) never anything in the red palette…my girls weren’t interested in pretty either…..but I acknowledge there are some young mum’s who still want traditional baby pink

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