Never seen anything like it in my life….

Home again , home to exercising in the pool plus a visit the chiropractor….long story, not a good week ‘back wise’, now having to contend with ‘weak hips’ lol.
Home to cool very cool weather interspersed with a few sunny sort of warm hours minutes. Home to my own bed – what is it with us oldies and our own beds. There was a time when I could sleep anywhere ….not these days.

Anyway……. I think it’s time for a bit of light relief

The Golfer has a some of these hiding out in our garage – wonder if they’re related 😊

Fun Friday – the day you forget the worries of the week.

19 thoughts on “Never seen anything like it in my life….

  1. At my stage if it isn’t the knees it’s the hips. If it isn’t the elbows it’s the shoulders. Sadly singing the old song about “the knee bones connected to the hip bones” doesn’t seem to help.


    1. Thanks Cathy – the problem with my problem is that it’s not constant, it comes and goes……At the most annoying times. At home it’s a nuisance but something I usually can cope with- away from home it can be down right inconvenient being in pain and unable to walk distance. It’s not knowing when it’s going to happen that makes me angry. Silly because being angry won’t make it go away….just raises my BP!


    1. It is isn’t it Andrew. It’s been sitting in my ‘fun folder’ for quite a while and looking for something in the garage jogged my memory. It’s so simple yet effective


  2. 😂 That’s great. My brother makes things like that – he’ll love that one. Own bed is great isn’t it? Part of that is knowing where you are when you wake up I’m sure.


  3. By all means share it F – I ‘found’ it online a long time ago but have no idea who to credit the original to. Oh yes beds can make or break a trip away. We were at a son’s ‘country get away’ and decided to use a different bedroom- wrong decision. That bed was entirely different to the one we usually use hence broken nights and no relief for the back problem. And oh I can’t find the words to describe the pleasure of sliding into my own and sleeping right through the night we came home


  4. So sorry you have returned with a bad back. We are all dealing with such back torture and trying to decide to surgery or not to surgery. Bet Ron’s old shop has a lot of those old birds in it. Cute.


  5. Hey Cathy…I read this post after reading your Sunday post, and, of course, it was upon reading, I’ve learned you’ve been having a tough time. Sorry to learn this, Cathy. I hope your back and troublesome hips are behaving themselves. Take good care…don’t overdo things. 🙂

    The joys of growing older…I empathise….there is no marathon running for me, either! 🙂


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