Learning to Love…

Sometimes we just have to slow down and learn to love ourselves.
As I’ve found out recently

There’s one in you who’s sweet.
There’s one in you who’s mean.
Can you love them both?
Can you let them both be seen?

Can you love the one who tries?
And love her when she fails?
Can you love the one who lies?
And love the one who wails?

Can you love your tears?
Can you love your worry?
Can you love your darkest fears?
Can you love your fury?

Can you love indifference?
Love the one who clings?
Can you love the vibrant one?
Love the one who sings?

Can you love your addict?
Can you love your thief?
Can you love your vanity?
Can you love your grief?

Can you love your inner child?
And your body as you age?
Can you love your wild side?
Release her from her cage?

Can you love the one fulfilled?
And the one who’s not?
Can you love the one who’s chilled?
And whose temper’s hot?

Can you love the weakling?
The one who’s sometimes sick?
Can you love the warrior?
Who fights through thin and thick?

Can you love your crazy?
Can you love your sane?
Can you love your foolish heart?
Love your scattered brain?

There’s one in you who’s bored.
And one who’s often stressed.
Can you love them both at once?
And she who tries her best?

If the answer’s “no.”
To some of the above.
Then can you love the one in you.
Who’s learning how to love?

Leah Pearlman.
Dharma Comics
Inside Coaching

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7 Replies to “Learning to Love…”

  1. There is much about our own self it appears…the difficulty is where to start! Perhaps if one loves all aspects of one’s own self, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the mediocre… actions and attitudes throughout the world, near and afar, towards one another might change.

    Many lessons to be learned….


  2. I have always been madly in love with stillness, but it is a difficult place to find in urban life. It seems to take something as focused as meditation here, and I crave the day I can move (as in go beyond the city limits) to find a place of stillness in a nature setting (under a tree, just like the picture).


  3. The poem is right that we need to embrace all those little selves within. My church has a song “All Are Welcome.” I try to sing that to the crowd inside, warts and all.


  4. What a beautiful and thought-filled poem. Love that very much.

    I appreciate this sharing too. Yes, I believe we can all get something from considering those words.

    Always delighted to see your posts in Life This Week Link up. Thanks for joining in. Looking forward to next week, when we may, should we choose, Share Our Snaps (photos!). Denyse.


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