Today is My Day..

Hopefully yours will come soon
~ ~ ~ ~

Yesterday was My Day
for remembering I’m the world’s worst for jotting things down
with no clue as to when & why & where they came from.

Do you remember this – I thought I was getting better
But guess what I discovered yesterday – another scrap of paper
In amongst some knitting patterns

the sky that morning was so flat and new it looked ironed “.
I have a vague inkling where I read/heard it
but it’ll mean rereading a book to prove myself right😊

Yesterday was My Day to admire the most beautiful clear (almost flat) blue skies
that I just had to record – there should be sound – fingers crossed it works

11 Replies to “Today is My Day..”

  1. Lovely to hear your voice, as you looked at the new sky, all ironed flat – looked like a gorgeous day.

    Vaccines are here across the ditch but the order of “giving” is related first to border workers, medical personnel on the front, retirement type places, then I think it comes to over 70s and other vulnerable in the community. I should imagine I will get my annual flu’ jab before it’s my turn. But then again NZ has the lucky charm in regards to C/19 due to the way it was handled by our powers to be this time last year…


  2. Oh, Cathy! I have notebooks galore filled with jottings…many are middle of the night jottings when “bright” ideas pop into my head and I just have to jot them down in case I’ve forgotten the brilliance of my thoughts come morning! Writing on my hand is another good spot for my midnight thoughts when a notepad is just out of reach…even though I’ve at least six of them, notebooks, in the top drawer of my bedside table.

    Of course, it would be thoughtless of me to disturb my snuggled in, sleeping furry bed-mates to reach for a pad…hence the often writing on my hand!!

    “Blue skies
    Smiling at me
    Nothing but blue skies
    Do I see….”

    Showers are predicted for here over the next few days…they are yet to arrive.


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