Cats Cats and more to be seen….

Did you know March 28 is Respect Your Cat Day?

Now I don’t normally do ‘picture posts’ two days in a row
But that’s the best excuse ever to ‘replay’ and enjoy some photos from 2014 trip 😊

Where we saw many families enjoying the fresh air.
Going about their business as normal

As well as those relaxing and enjoying grassy areas in ‘parks and gardens’

There were quiet solitary onlookers content to watch the world go by

As well as those who stood on guard

Or waited patiently

Or who had found comfort in being ‘close to you’

But the ones I liked best were the ones who looked you right in the eye
and said “we own this place – respect us and it”
The ancient city of Ephesus

So many cats with no obvious home – catch, desex and release was often spoken about but we sometimes wondered if it actually did happen.
This little one can tell you it does

(These are just a few – we saw many many more during that overseas trip)
All photos will enlarge with a click.

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10 thoughts on “Cats Cats and more to be seen….

  1. Cathy, what amazing cats you found on your trip. They were everywhere! Your next to last car really owned the place. The last one reminded me of one stray that regularly visited our back yard. We named her Peaches and Cream. Cats seem to do what they please to get their needs and wants met. Thanks for playing along, this week, Cathy. I’ll be back next week, then Terri will be back at the helm with full on internet service! 🙂


  2. Cathy – they snip the end off an ear of the spayed females (we spotted a couple in your photos). The males get to kerp their ears intact – well because you can tell they’ve had their encounter with the vet. The last one looks like treatment for something else.


  3. Quite a large extended family. There is a sea wall in Perth that has huge numbers of cats living in the wall.


  4. Apparently Turkey there are “community dogs” and they have a special ear tag that means they belong to nobody – so if you have mind to feed them, go right ahead. In one place the travellers discovered a large dog/cat food dispenser which for a simple coin delivered a pile of the food onto the ground…


  5. My cats demand respect even if I don’t have the time lol
    They have never forgotten that they were once worshiped as gods


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