Green travels well in life

It’s surprising how many shades of green you can find when you’re not really looking

It was there in Leunig art at an exhibition in Healesville
just up the road a bit from home

In beautiful stained glass windows – Rio Vista historic house Mildura.
A bit further from home – right on the Vic/NSW state border

And on travels really far away from home
Like in Hong Kong at Kowloon Park (2017)

Decorating windows and doors in the Old Town at Kavala – in Greece (2014)

On a little bit of whimsical advertising further away still on Fogo Island
just off the northern coast of Newfoundland (2013)

Then there’s the green you can see on the road

Or in the paddock

It shows up well on different sorts of signage.
For towns

For important companies

For necessary safety information

Road condition signs near Condamine Qld

Travel up north and you’ll find a giant green tree frog on the giant Golden Gumboot.
The big green board has loads of information about the local area

But this is the green I’m really looking forward to seeing again
The ‘distance to’ sign at Proserpine telling me that after 4 days on the road there’s only 65km to go until I’ll see the green sign at the front gate of our Winter home 😊

Joining EC and others for this week’s Sunday Selections.
Linking an extra (green) edition to Life in Colour March.
hosted by Jude at Travel Words. 
Maybe you’d like to join in some time

12 Replies to “Green travels well in life”

  1. And, Kermit the Frog sang it wasn’t easy being green. He must have been in a cranky, croaky mood that day!

    Take good care, Cathy. Happy days. 🙂


  2. What a lovely collection of images, and memories!
    My variations in Green have been the vegetation in my yard, and at our Camp. This year it will be in my yard only I think. It is surprising the variation that just one little yard can display!


  3. Lot’s of green. It would have been a good Paddy’s Day post. Do you think you will visit your second home this year?


  4. Funny how a cat always manages to get into a Greek photo! That’s a long drive to your winter home which I am guessing is in Queensland. So where are you located Cathy?


  5. All the farm machinery had to be John Deere because their colors are green and yellow. I love green and when I used to paint with markers instead of digital, I ran out of green all the time.


    1. checked why signs are often green and this I found on a website “Like all the other cooler sign colors, green signs are meant to not be distracting, and to inform the driver rather than disturb or alert the person.”

      maybe we feel comforted by the green, like when we go to a park and the grass is healthy and green – and it makes us feel peaceful and all that jazz…


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