Thursday Thoughts

I have come to the conclusion that often what I think I want
isn’t what I really need at all!

Early last month I was pondering about weight/size/appearance and was convinced I had the answer. Only trouble was with lockdown exclusions being lifted and life in general slowly returning to ‘near normal’ everyone else had the same thoughts and what, from reopening mid December up to then, had been a pleasant experience at the gym also returned to the trail round the car park looking for a spot, busy busy (even early morning) packed to the rafters waiting for a machine experience . And I seemed to spend more time waiting than actually doing anything.

So after a suggestion from the GP about alternative exercise
“Try aqua classes or just walk, swim, exercise in the water ‘do your own thing’ – it’ll be easier on your back and legs”
I decided to change tack and give the local pool another chance.

A complete renovation during our months on end lockdown last year means (amongst other things) it’s squeaky clean, all leaky bits were fixed and the water temperature is actually as warm as it should be 😊

Four weeks from the day I first put my toes back in the water again… do I feel?
So much better in myself and definitely wishing I’d done it much sooner.
I’m not doing aqua yet (noisy and full on) but enjoying a few off peak half lengths as well as the stuff the classes do but quietly on my own. I ‘know’ I’ve exercised which is a feeling I haven’t had for a while and also may have lost a kilo along the way

Win Win all round !!

Oh and once again I’m having difficulty seeing hearing and talking to other bloggers which means I haven’t had much to say to any of you personally (on your blogs) for a little while. Don’t take offence by it…..I have to grab my chances when I can. Sometimes I think this is it….then the whole network closes down…..and it isn’t ☹️

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  1. Isn’t swimming great? There’s a theory humans developed upright walking because we were apes that went into water (fished, ate shell fish etc). So it’s like we were designed to feel better after swimming/being in water.


    1. I definitely agree with you on that one F……I’d forgotten how much the body can do in water and how good it felt afterwards. No problems walking leg swinging or jumping about. I get puffed doing laps so use the exercise area plodding along for half then turning round. Im not the only one mixing it up, swim a bit walk a bit exercise a bit.


  2. As long as you keep ‘posting a blog’ then we will know you are still with us…and love it how you’ve got a doctor who has said “do your own thing” – I haven’t a pool close at hand but right now I’m working on other health issues with my new “magic” doctor.


  3. I have rejoined our fitness center and will use their exercise equipment but won’t start with the pool for a while. It seems it is always too crowded to have a good workout. So proud that just with my walking at home I have lost 32 pounds through the pandemic.


  4. I continue to work out in my basement gym but I hired an old trainer to meet with me over Zoom once a week. I miss the actual company of people but this is the safest thing right now with COvid no way contained in the US.


  5. I’ve never ever visited a gym…and I’m too old to start doing so now…I’d scare all the rest of the participants away! 🙂


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