Green is the colour for March…

Jude’s (Travel Worlds) photo challenge for this year (2021) is entitled  Life in Colour  This month (March) the colour has been Green…….another of my favourites 😊.
And with St Patrick’s Day having just gone you may even find Sue (EC) and others have shared a belated bit of green for Sunday Selections which you’ll find over at her blog (Elephant’s Child) 😊.
Terri at Second Wind Leisure has also chosen Green for her Sunday Stills photo challenge

So with green in mind let’s see what I can find.
(In my archives or ‘newly minted)
Around the house and in nearby suburbs

A few groceries still to be put away, a little bit of green in the plastics drawer.
And a lone wheelie bin on the nature strip (waiting to be put away).

An old photo of our green rotary line – when the garden was fairly new in that spot.

There’s the old green painted kitchen chair we used on the Afternoon Tea Day

A beautiful sea green Italian bowl filled with a collection of seaside mementos
sand dollars, tiny bits of coral, shells and green sea glass.

You never know what you’ll see on the back deck.
Green tape measure, green grass, green tarp on a chair???
(as well as my much loved, much missed beautiful brown shadow)

Beautiful shades of green at my nearby park with it’s tall trees and windy paths

A wet day in Main Street Croydon – the whole street scape has now been ‘redesigned’.
So these green circular seats have been removed
Also the green benches on the other side of the street

It’s not too far to Hookey Park Mooroolbark with its magnificent green roofed rotunda
as well as the big bird sculptures

Down the road in another direction to Montrose where the green road sign
tells how far it is to the top of the hills

And lastly the little green jacket that was the cause of so much emotional stress
Is now in Grandma’s hands ready for the little one to wear coming home

Joining EC and others for this week’s Sunday Selections  
Life in Colour March can be found at Travel Worlds.
Linking to Sunday Stills where Green is the colour of the week

Maybe you’d like to join in some time

35 thoughts on “Green is the colour for March…

  1. As I sit in my living room I can see much “green” – a piece of torn out book page (green and yellow bloobs); a vintage box (green and ivory stripes); green tree book cover; tiny box with lots of lime green advert; green covered pencil, piece of fabric with green fern; lime green part of a quilt block, of course the mainly green sofa with flowers on (fabric); photo of green silk scarf with oranges on it; grass outside green with little buttercups over it; part of a painting (mine) …. seems a lot of green just around me today

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    1. It certainly is….well used by locals. Walkers, strollers, bikers (children not adults) dogs (on leads) babies (in pushers) children (in the playground). Yes it is an asset we would be loath to lose

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  2. Green came a bit earlier here in the U.S. when Biden signed the $1.9 billion bill. The wife and I was happy to see $2800 added automatically to our bank account. Have a great spring!

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    1. Shows what this ole guy knows. A billion here and a billion there and before you know it — it’s a trillion. Cathy, I made a “boo-boo” since Biden signed the $1.9 TRILLION bill, a week or so ago. I need a 2nd pair of feet and hands so I’ll have enough digits and still that won’t be sufficient. E


    2. Shows what this ole guy knows. A billion here and a billion there and before you know it — it’s a trillion. Cathy, I made a “boo-boo” since Biden signed the $1.9 TRILLION bill, a week or so ago. I need a 2nd pair of feet and hands so I’ll have enough digits and still that won’t be sufficient to count it all. A billion dollars here; a billion dollars there – and before you know it you’ll have a couple of trillion. I have to leave this earth before they start talkin’ about quadrillions.

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      1. I’d just call it a squillion and be done with it Emiel 😊.
        We received our ‘donation’ from the government over several payments – a bit here a bit there – it’s still in the bank. Haven’t been able to go anywhere to spend it. Will do this winter when we spend our usual eight weeks up in Queensland…..that is unless things change and borders close again like last year.


  3. All the pretty greens. Love the cardigan
    But as we now are heading well and truly into autumn we are going to start seeing lots more of the reds, yellows and browns

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    1. Thanks for your comment Corinne I don’t know if you clicked the link to read the relevant post but we had fun that day.
      Sorry to see you relinquish your weekly Monday Musings link up, I read/discovered some interesting blogs/bloggers and learnt quite bit about life but sometimes these things are for the best. I may investigate the blog you suggested as a substitute but I’ve been having a break from SM and am even cutting back on blog posts
      Take care

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  4. You have found a lot of greens. It’s a colour that we associate so much with nature, but when we look there are so many man-made objects that are green. Your pretty cardigan is the exact shade – soft mint green – that my daughter had when she was four years old, crocheted by her grandmother. Funny that the colour is nothing like real mint!

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    1. Definitely didn’t have trouble with these colour Jude – there’s more to come next week!
      Am loving this challenge – and wondering what you’ve got up your sleeve for next month 😊


    1. Thanks Elizabeth… took a while to finish and I was glad I did so because i was pleased with the result.
      Even though it’s the same green wool as the green/white striped cardigan from a couple of weeks ago it looks entirely different in this photo. Doesn’t look ‘as soft’ as in real life. Hopefully the mother will like it

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  5. Hi Cathy! I’m so glad to meet you and that you shared a post for Sunday Stills! Your greens are so beautiful, and yes, it is a color that is hard to miss! I love your image of the neighborhood park, your sea-green decor and of course the adorable knitted baby jacket!

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    1. Thanks for your comment Terri and thanks for the chance to share the photos elsewhere Hopefully I’ll get the chance to take part in #Sunday Stills again – looking forward to that

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    1. Thanks Deb….yes there’s lots of green out there, it just seems to jump out and say ‘here I am!’ 😊. The little jacket was the cause of a lot of distress but it all worked out well in the end.

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  6. Such a sweet sweater, Cathy. Your greens are lovely and unique – green tape measure, for heaven’s sake. I have to admit that my favorite is Afternoon Tea. It looks like something out of a Sunset Magazine or a Country Living magazine. The colors are perfect.


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