10 thoughts on “And just like that

  1. Lucky you. I love the sun and somehow it makes me feel so much better. I like your temperatures too. We are having freezing rain warning. Oh well spring ahead to look forward to. Stay well.


  2. While your bones may be warming, today I had a conversation with the car when I took him out for a doctor’s appointment. “You are not keeping me cool set at 20 degrees like you normally do. You must work harder for my comfort and I am turning you down to 17.” And all was then well. For the rest of the day I walked around at home in air con comfort singing, from a film or musical I think, “It’s just too damn hot”.


  3. Lucky you! Today we have the last glorious winter day – we will use all of it with kids, grandkids and cake! We had snow in the night at the end of an unusually cold and sunny period. After tomorrow we’re back to typical Danish “winter”: Murky and overcast all day, +2 to +5 Celsius and drizzle, drip, drip. Depressing, grey days, where it’s never quite daylight, more like eternal twilight and the laundry never gets dry.
    Enjoy those wonderful days of yours. Those agapanthus are a bonus!


  4. We just love agapanthus. F has been trying to grow some from seed (on the balcony) to put out in the garden here, but they are taking their time getting past the first couple of ‘sprouts’. It didn’t help that I (the Tigger) dug up the seeds more than once. I was very nearly a Davy Crockett hat on those days.


  5. Oh, how you make me long for hot summer days. And it’s not really cold here in central California, not like what is going on in the other parts of the United States with their minus degrees. I could not handle those low temperatures. Forty degrees (F) is very cold to me!

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    1. Lol your turn will come. We’re in the last official week of summer and have waited since the first week of December for this kind of weather…..it’s been rainy cool days interspersed with several hot humid damp days since then. The bureau predicted La Niña and that’s what we’ve had.
      We’ve seen the winter weather problems some states are having in USA – so difficult to deal with along with the pandemic to think about. Stay warm and ‘I hear you’ because as you’ve probably guessed I’m not a fan of cold either


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