Sleep well my little one…

My blonde curly haired little sister Patsy
Sometimes called Trish or Tricia but never Pat.
Youngest of three girls
Always smiling no matter what life threw at her.
Is now at peace

All four of us 1957

Patricia Marguerite Anne

Saturday July 1st 1950.

Monday February 1st 2021

Patricia for our mother’s cousin – Patricia Doyle.
Marguerite Anne for our father’s grandmother – Margaret Anne McIldoon

Roberta and Patricia 1955

She was always a lover of song and dance and all things mystical
So I would like to think she is riding the wind with the faeries

23 Replies to “Sleep well my little one…”

  1. Gentle hugs from me to you – your loss but as you’ve said at peace and riding the skies with the fairies and other such creatures. It will take time for you to heal, but your memories will keep…


  2. What can we say but condolences. Even when we know that death is the price of life, losing a sibling shakes the earth you stand on. Take great care of yourself at this time. xxx F & MrT


  3. So sorry to hear of your loss. She sounds like a very special person. May she find peace and fairies, sunshine and moonlight where she is now; and return to spread a bit over you when the world is at its greyest.


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