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  1. I seem to have been a bit of a break for months – and although I would have loved to be out and doing – somehow in the last week, I realised I was relatively content “taking a break” – I was more or less forced to take the break when my body decided I was becoming to out of tune of living life slowly and quietly.

    Now I’m working through how to have some exercise, some out of the house, and how else I can mend me better. It’s a slow process, and I had a slight blip yesterday but today pulled back on, how far to walk locally – being more mindful of what I’m doing indoors.

    I think I’m beginning to like this new way…


  2. I find going for a half hour walk every day except when it is too cold keeps me busy. I watch what is going on in the USA and it is unreal to watch what when on. Our entire world is crazy. We hopefully will get our vaccine before September but it is hard I will admit. I really don’t think our world will ever be the same.


  3. Ah chocolate!!! My Kryptonite, lol. I do so hope you enjoy your break. State of Emergency here due to covid running wild, and it seems to be helping! I hope you have a relaxing and health filled summer!!


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