British Rail Red Bench Special

First there was us…….

Catherine’s sister Catherine’s Dad Catherine The Golfer
Retford Station 1985

Then there was them….

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
Batley Station 2020

I wonder if their Red Bench was as uncomfortable for them to sit on as it was for us
And I wonder if their train was as late as ours was as we continued our journey south to see the other side of the family. First trip back ‘home’ after 13 yrs away
Also wondering if all UK railway stations still have those red metal benches

Does anyone have the answers 😊

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  1. I can’t remember the red benches. I can’t remember any platform seating really. You all have a lot more hair than the good Duke.


  2. Last time i was at a UKrail station they were silver gray metal, two flat sufaces that met at an angle (not curved like yours – as a side note our marina had black ones of those). Comfort is a relative thing, they were always bone-achingly cold to sit on in winter. F


  3. Due to my replaced hips, I never dared to sit on them. I chose instead to wait in their restaurants if at all the wait was for too long. I still have fond memories of their English breakfasts with which I used to start my days.


  4. The Queen’s train stops at ordinary stations?
    William and Catherine had time to wait?
    They weren’t scheduled to the last second?
    How do you put your hand on a photo taken 35 years ago?

    So many questions

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  5. I’ve seen that style in Auckland, NZ but nowadays everything has gone to wooden slats that are regularly stained to protect them – some are more just benches, but I always want to sit one with a back.

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