But is it good for you….

Peanut Butter V Almond Butter

That is the question

Our big girl uses Almond Butter. From the amount she buys I imagine she uses it for and on everything. I thought it was similar to Peanut Butter which I enjoy now and again but use sparingly…..certainly not for cooking (except maybe in a very rare satay sauce)

But she dares to differ…..it’s healthier she said…..it’s good for you.

So having a quick peek at the nutritional table on a couple of jars…..aka as taking a quick snap of them in Costco this is what I found (I’m not naming the brands but I’ll just say they weren’t the most expensive.

Almond Butter.
Per 100gms
Peanut Butter.
Per 100gms
Calories 650 MoreLessCalories 612
Protein 19gmLessMoreProtein 22.3gm
Fat total 54gmMore LessFat total 492gm
– Saturated 4.5gmLessMore– Saturated 6.9gm
Carbohydrate 22 gmMoreLessCarbohydrate 17.8gm
– Sugars 3 gmLessMore– Sugars 8.9gm
Sodium 0LessMoreSodium 274
Comparison per 100gms

As far as I can see the jury is out on this one. It depends on health issues I suppose
I like the taste of PB more so that is my guiding factor.
I only use a little on toast now and again

What do you think? Which would you choose?

19 thoughts on “But is it good for you….

  1. The price of Almond Butter here is very high compared to peanut butter. The brand of peanut butter we buy has far less sodium and sugar than the brand you are considering. I’ve never even considered buying Almond Butter, just too expensive.


  2. Peanut butter every time. The amount of water now being used to grow almonds in Australia is of great concern. Almond trees are very thirsty.


    1. We’re seeing the same thing here in Kern County — the almond growers are having to remove some of their trees because water is scarce and expensive, and as you say, almonds take a lot of water.


    1. I don’t eat a whole lot of peanut butter and haven’t ever tried almond butter, but the fact that the almond butter has less salt would appeal to me because I have to watch my salt intake.


  3. I eat (a little) peanut butter. The price of almond and/or cashew butter has put me off. On the health front reading that data suggests it is a balancing act, and very individual. Sadly Andrew is right. We do need increasingly to consider water needs before we start planting cash crops.
    For some reason your posts don’t show up in my reading list for hours now. I wish that blogger hadn’t taken it upon itself to make changes.


  4. Definitely peanut butter. I buy an organic brand, mainly because of the lower salt and fat content. I only use it occasionally so the additional cost is not too noticeable.


  5. Peanut butter for my taste every time. Especially the high roast varieties. And cashew butter. The healthier peanut butters (and the cashew butter) tend to separate so that the oil on top needs to be stirred into the jar again every time you use it (you can try pouring it off if you’re paranoid about fats, but it will turn almost solid). I often stir it into my curries.


  6. I’ve not truly tried the other nut butters – so can’t compare. I buy a brand (just changed) that is supposed to be healthier, less additives – only like smooth.

    I would rather eat whole almonds with my cereal that has all kind of nuts/seed in it…I oven bake a concoction based on what is here.

    One time when I was buying roasted almonds on my online order a substitute was made and I was so wary – 500grm of roasted with Tamari almonds. But they are yummy …now my preferred “roasted”

    I can’t tolerate Marmite or Vegmite at all…and if I was really thinking on plain toast “jam or marmalade”


  7. I am an almond butter fan. Mine has only unsalted almonds ground up without anything else. I do have to stir it from time to time since it separates. I much prefer it to peanut butter.


  8. I love Peanut Paste (it was always called “Peanut Paste” when I was a kid…and I’ve kept calling it by that description). And I love crunchy over smooth…always buy and eat crunchy Peanut Paste. and I always have a large jar of it. My home is not a home without a jar or two of crunchy Peanut Paste! Whether it be called “paste” or “butter”, I love it! And, I admit, without shame or embarrassment…I don’t spread it sparingly! 🙂


  9. Peanut butter all the way! We eat it the way your daughter apparently eats almond butter … every day on everything (not really, but I love it on toast for breakfast, with apple slices for lunch, and in a Thai stir fry for dinner.). But not all on the same day ) )!


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