The smiles are returning….

Looking around I’m sure I’m seeing smiles behind masks…..I’m wondering where they’ve been hiding for the past, however many months.
And as well as perceived smiles I’ve noticed smiling eyes. They definitely have been missing. Smiling eyes haven’t been seen for a long time.
During a walk around the supermarket you’d be met with a downward glance, a furtive look at a list and a quick scurry away.
The other day someone actually nodded a greeting to me, acknowledged I was there. Laughed and smiled (unseen hidden by masks smiles ) when we both reached for something on the same shelf….then remembered it’s really not all over and stood back. We both shrugged shoulders, moved on wondering when our faces would be able to tell the tale and not have to rely on body gestures.

I smiled and heaved a sigh of relief last week at some good news.
An X-ray showed the worrying pains I’d been feeling in my upper back/shoulder area were nothing to do with my heart, my lungs were clear, there’d been no pneumonia, the coughing will be back under control again when I resume twice daily puffs of an asthma preventative. It showed more spinal degeneration (bummer, just what I need) higher in the thoracic spinal area.
Referred pain……Oh well, I’ll live, it just means another set of exercises to be done in conjunction with the lower lumbar region ones!

Coming back from the Chiropractor on Friday I passed a church notice board.
and saw these words in bold letters

Beneath it some wag had nailed on a bit of wood with the words.
Give them one of yours!

That certainly brought a smile to my face 😊

We missed World Smile Day back at the beginning of October….as much as we tried Victoria wasn’t quite ready to smile again. I think we are now and I’m doing my best to find something to smile at each day.

How about you- have your smiles gone into hibernation….gosh it’s been hard for us all worldwide so it’s no wonder they aren’t visible.
Have you discovered anything special to bring them back to life again.

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14 Replies to “The smiles are returning….”

  1. One has to make a greater effort to ensure the smile is genuine – makes it up to the eyes – when the rest of it is hidden by a mask. The result seems to be that people really do look to the eyes for the non-verbal stuff and eye contact is more than it once was – just an observation. (F) What’s that saying about keep smiling, it makes the other guy wonder what you are up to…..


  2. So glad your health report was a good one!
    I see smiles from a distance, sometimes, when we go out for walks I keep my distance from other humans, much more than the recommended 2 meters, but I always say a cheerful hello to anyone I avoid on the street, and it is almost always returned in kind. What a pickle we humans have gotten ourselves into! 🙂


  3. I spend years with people who keep telling me to “lighten up and smile” and “why are you so unhappy” – I don’t smile it seems enough. But I sure am not “unhappy”

    – maybe I was a couple of days ago but this morning I’m actually feeling much, much better. And here I am having sessions on this here gadget, something I’ve not being doing much of these last few days!

    I just don’t see why I have to have that perpetual smile on my mug…


  4. Think about all the babies and children in hospitals and especially in NICU, who cannot see their doctors, nurses, parents smile.


  5. It’s sometimes so hard to guess if people have recognized that you are smiling at them and I need to wave or shout out a greeting to make sure they know. But there are other people for who ‘eye talk’ is enough to know we and they are smiling! Glad your medical check up gave you no major cause for worry. Take care and keep smiling, Cathy.


  6. I’m smiling reading this. Thanks for this post. Next time, I will remember to smile and give to one who looks worried and worn out.


  7. My dad always said The best-dressed person is the one wearing a smile. Even with a mask, you can tell if someone is smiling. I like the idea of nodding as well. The other day we smiled and said HI to a couple we thought we knew. Turns out we didn’t know them, it was hard to tell with masks on. They just thought we were friendly, happy people and that’s OK. Keep smiling. #SeniSal


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