And just like that

You’ll discover things will change right in front of your eyes!

October is birthday month for both of us so more often than not we have
‘lunch at the golf club to celebrate ‘.
(sadly not this year though)

Lunch at The Golfers favourite home away from home in Healesville
(a short 30 min drive up the road) is always special
The food is good – the views from the terrace even better.
A table at the window a must.

October 2016 ……at 12.43pm we saw blue skies
along with some cloud build up over Mt Riddell and the nearby ranges
(which are part of The Great Dividing Range)

Eating, drinking and enjoying ourselves we didn’t notice what was happening outside
This was the scene at 1.16 pm – just half an hour later
Big black storm clouds overhead
changing the look, the mood and the outside temperature

And here we are one hour later (2.26 pm) misty grey skies.
very wet underfoot but much calmer.
(don’t you love being able to know exactly…to the minute….when photos are taken)

I’ll tell you what though….I was really glad parking was under cover
when we finally left for home it was pouring again

And just out of curiosity I looked at historical weather information for October 2016……..cooler and wetter than average……especially east of the city😊.

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12 Replies to “And just like that”

  1. interesting ones’ day now move from pleasant to “oh we need the rain” but then “why now and here”

    yes most people with a birthday this year, has had to rethink it quite dramatically. Mine was in our severe and very restrictive lockdown over the ditch. I had to make my own inhouse arrangements! It was fun but because I wanted to make me a special afternoon tea, that meant making scones – and I kept being interrupted by the blower! Took well over 3 hours to create said afternoon tea…and in the end, I ate all the scones and called it “dinner” 🙂


  2. Beautiful views and sky captures! We could use some rain here. Enjoy your day, have a great weekend!


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