Lucky me…

Look what I discovered in my inbox last week.

Talk about greedy – he wants 40% plus another 10%.
Who would you report this scam to because I bet someone will be taken in


Dear Friend, 
I am a financial consultant in the UK I am contacting you in
respect of my late client fund £12.7M British Pounds Sterling deposited with
a bank here in London which is about to be confiscated by the Government
after many years unclaimed I decided to contact you because you bear’s the
same last name with him. Kindly indicate your interest by sending me your:
Full name:  Age: Marital status:  Postal address: Job: phone number:  You
will be entitled to 50 % ,  40 % for me and 10 % to defray all cost
Yours Sincerely

8 Replies to “Lucky me…”

  1. Sigh. I have had similar ones and without doubt some are sucked in. Just as the people who are asked to pay (non existent) fines with cards.
    I suspect it is a very profitable business, and doubt that many are ever charged with their crimes.


  2. You are going to be hard pressed to spend your £6 million with a 25 km travel limit.
    “you bear’s the same name”! What?


  3. These “scam merchants” make my blood boil!!! They are wastes of space…wastes of oxygen! They are evil,useless clowns, preying on others. They should be locked up forever, never again to be allowed contact, by any form or method, with anyone in the outside world!

    Lately, I’ve been receiving three or four suspect phone calls per day. I don’t answere the phone anymore, unless I recognise the number. I admit, however, yesterday…and the previous day I answered a couple of the calls by declaring I was the police.

    And, yesterday, I only received the one call…so perhaps my madness is working!!. 🙂


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