Go an extra mile for a lot longer….

Thanks to case numbers dropping substantially here in Victoria the overnight curfew was lifted last week but we were eager to hear what other changes were going to be made……what else from our stage 4 restrictions was to be eased.

We anticipated ‘going an extra mile for a lot longer’ was going to be one of them and last Sunday discovered we weren’t wrong!

One of the changes was that we (in metropolitan Melbourne) now have an extra 20km to move about in …..the previous 5km from home radius has been extended and is now out to 25km…an awful lot further than before
We’re are also allowed out for as long as we like…..no two hour limit for shopping or exercise.

Much to the annoyance of some members of the community mask wearing and social distancing guidelines have not changed.

Anyway amongst the list of changes these….selfishly….are our favourites:-

The Golfer is happy because….yes, he discovered golf is now off the restricted list.

My back and my feet are happy because my podiatrist and chiropractor (allied health providers) can resume ‘routine face to face’ care and not be restricted to treating on a ‘needs/pain’ basis.

And ‘oh happy day’ they have allowed hairdressers (and barbers) to reopen😊

Unfortunately we still can’t sit down inside a cafe to drink a cup of coffee…..but, hey, we can’t win ‘em all. More discoveries aka changes are coming on November 1st…..fingers crossed that one will turn up then

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  1. Our island is starting to open up now. We’re allowing tourists in though they have to be tested or quarantined, I think. I’m not sure of the rules. I just hope it doesn’t cause our COVID numbers to spike again.


  2. that’s great news Cathy….

    obviously those silly people who rushed to gather all those months ago – and then got sick – infected others – REALISED that it wasn’t going to be tolerated and home they must stay. I’m not talking about the “tower blocks” as I’m sure they weren’t the full cause of the mischief that unfolded. But I also heard that now or even at very start of L/4 they were assisted much better…

    Having the golfer out of the house will be a blessing and so too will your feet…even going out and about a bit further will help your “happiness factor”


  3. I like that 5km and 2 hour rule as it’s pretty much been my rule for the past 7 months. I don’t feel safe using public restrooms so I don’t stay away from home for very long. Hope your numbers stay low with the lifting of these rules. Although California has good numbers, the Central Valley is not doing well because we have a bunch of people who want to go out to eat and go to church.


  4. Dear Cathy,
    I’m sure you will get your dose of caffeine at a cafe soon. The cafes here have opened, but I prefer doing a take-away or just sitting outdoors for a bit.

    Glad you can see your chiropractor and podiatrist too!

    Amen to things getting better soon. I am going live in a few minutes, hope to see you again on #WW.

    Always a pleasure to read you.


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